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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lakers vs. Warriors - 03/23/08 - From Staples Center (Video)

Wow, what a Los Angeles Lakers game at Staples Center this was. Not the outcome I had hoped for, but boy did we have a good time.

It started off with a great "Think you know us? Think again." intro, check out this clip:

But in the first half, even the European beer (Heineken) that we were enjoying could not dull the pain of the Lakers performance in the first half. It was frustrating to watch, especially as the Lakers descended into double-digit territory in their deficit with sloppy turnover ridden.

The Lake Show was behind the Warriors by 20 something points, not what we had come to see at all! But, after halftime the Lakers stepped it up in the second half. In fact they came all the way back to take the lead briefly before Stephen Jackson close it out with a pair of threes in the last minute.

And if someone had to put in the daggers to the Lakers comeback, it was preferable that Stephen Jackson did it rather than Al Harrington. Why? Because Stephen Jackson is on my Fantasy Basketball team and those shots he hit at the end put my Fantasy team of the hump for the week, practically sealing my regular season Fantasy Basketball victory.

The game was tense and thrilling, especially at the end – a welcome change for the first half performance. That and Nelly coming out on the floor after to chest bump Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson was an interesting sight to see from our 100's sections seat as well.

Rapper Nelly at Staples Center chest bumping with Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson after the Warriors beat the Lakers
One noticeable (and not necessarily good) change was made to what has become the traditional Sunday white uniform for the Lakers. This change, was the addition of the word “Los” on the chest right above the Lakers logo making it “Los Lakers”. And with my initial impression was that uniform was blemished by the presence of Los, I still do not get the reason -- it ruins the Sunday whites.

Kobe Bryan in his Los Lakers jersey for Fiesta Lakers at Staples Center
“Los Lakers” is part of the "Fiesta Lakers" celebration, which admittedly I do not entirely get. My understanding it is part of a Latino heritage celebration. That day there had been an event at the Convention Center for the celebration of which there are 5 other sister programs like them in the NBA (Los Spus, Los Suns, etc).

Yay for charity, nay for the logo change. Lakers, can we try a patch on the uniform next time instead? Because the Los Lakers jerseys were just plain ugly not to mention bad Spanish grammar -- Los Angeles Los Lakers?