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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Outlook Fix: The Item Has Been Moved or Deleted

It seems that I have been bitten by a recent string of issues with Microsoft Outlook. This particular one has occurred for me for quite some time with my Outlook 2003 SP3 installation.

The issue? If I attempt to process several meeting invites in successive order from my inbox or another folder, I am greeted with the following error:

Outlook Error: The item has been moved or deleted."The item has been moved or deleted.

I have actualy received the error fairly frequently when trying to clear out meeting invites and email. Regardless of the type of invite, my response or where it falls in my inbox, I get the error.

What I have come to understand that the issue is due to the way my Outlook is configured with Exchange Cached mode. When replying to the first meeting invite (accept, decline, or tentative) the cached mode does not immediately update. Then if you attempt to process another meeting request before the Exchange cached mode updates itself, you receive the error.

How can you fix it? If you need to process several meeting requests quickly, simply hit the shift+f9 between messages to sync your inbox via Exchange cached mode and then process the next invite. You will no longer receive the "The item has been moved or deleted."

At least there is a good work around for it.


Anonymous said...

Another reason you could be receiving the error is that the previous meeting request you processed is still visible in the preview pane - if you give outlook a few seconds (or minutes) to catch up, eventually the preview pane will show the next meeting request. For example, when you click a button to respond to a meeting request, the next meeting in your inbox is very quickly highlighted, but the reading pane lags a bit so the meeting you just responded to is still visible, and based on the errors showing up, it's also the one associated w/ all the available options to reply.

Your workaround will provide the same results - this is more of an explanation as to why it might appear that outlook is not processing certain meetings. It's simply another instance of Outlook taking its own sweet time...