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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Easy Volume Editing for your Motorola RAZR

Today while messing around with my Motorola RAZR V3 phone I came across a great tool that enables super easy editing of all the volume controls for your mobile phone. Since it is so easy to use and exposes and number of funtions, I wanted to go ahead and post about it, as well as how to use it so you can take advantage of it as well.

The title of the software is MotoSound 1.3, although the official version is The site is in Russian, so you can grab the Google Translated version of website (visit this link) for a valid download of the software, approximately 500k in size.

Before I get into how the tool works, let's briefly talk about what the software will allow you to do. The main purpose is to let you edit the gain / volume of the various suond parameters of your phone via Motorola P2K. This software does require that you have installed a working RAZR Driver phone, but here is the list of gaintable items that you can edit with the software for my RAZR V3:

  • General: Level 0, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, Level 7
  • Call Dynamics: Call gain, Keyboard gain, System tones gain, Dictophone and labels
  • Earpiece Dynamics: Keyboard gain when speakerphone is active, Multimedia, System tones gain, Speakerphoen, Systems tones gainwhen bluetooth headset is connected, Call gain when speakerphone is active
  • Wired Headset Dynamics: Multimedia, Bass Tremble, Multimedia for L7, V3i, V360, Bass Tremble for L7, V3i, V360, Call gain, Keyboard gain
  • Bluetooth Headset: Call gain, Keyboard gain, Dictophone and labels
  • Microphones: General microphone, Wired headset microphone, General microphone when speakerphone is active, Bluetooth headset microphone
  • Additional: Bass tremble (Vibration effect on 1), Bass tremble (Vibration effect off 1), Bass temble (Vibration effect on 2), Bass tremble (Bass effect off 2), Master bass power.

As you can see from the extensive list, there are a ton of areas that you can customize the sounds and volumes on your Motorola RAZR phone.

This software is also known to work on all P2K models of Motorola phones including: C380, C650, L7, E398, Vxxx, L7e, L9, V6 maxx, Z3, V3x, V3, V3i, and others like the V3xx.

Now, let's get to using the software.

First, I downloaded the software from the website. There is not an installation file, so just unzip the zip file to its own folder. Then browse to that folder and double-click on the MS.exe file to launch MotoSound.

Once you open up the software, you will automatically see it connect in the lower left hand corner if you have your Motorola driver installed and your RAZR phone connected via USB. A list of supported phones for advanced file editing is on the left, but we are going to ignore that for now.

Easy sound and gain editing for your Motorola P2K phone with MotoSound 1
Now, click on the arrow to the right of where it says "Open from File" and change that to "Open from Phone". Then click on "Open from Phone" and the current state of your phone will be loaded. I highly recommend now saving a copy of the original settings to your computer in case you ever want to go back to the original settings. Click on the "Save to File" in order to save this.

Easy sound and gain editing for your Motorola P2K phone with MotoSound 2
Now for the fun part, editing. Find any value you want to change (for example I used keypads for testing the software). Now right click on the line the you want and select the "Increase" or "Decrease" option, depending on what you choose. Now all you need to do is change the "Save to File" setting to "Save to Phone" setting, click on "Restart" button on the lower left hand side and your settings will be change!

Easy sound and gain editing for your Motorola P2K phone with MotoSound 3
I used and initial setting of "8" from the original setting of "1" on the keyboard gain setting and it made quite an audible difference. Try a variety of options until you get it like you want!

Other versions of the MotoSound software include, 1.3B, and The most current version is, which is available for download here.


Anonymous said...

This doesn't work, whenever i click "get from phone" or whatever all it comes up with is "unknown sound params!" so apparently your just lucky or some crap. The program also crashes afterwards and thank god i know how to work a computer or your little demonstration would destroy mine. Thanks

Kevin, UK said...

I have just used MotoSound and your tutorial to successfully increase the earpiece call and keypad volume levels on my SLVR L7. The earpiece volume level was set far too low, but can now hear calls perfectly. Thank you for a great, accurate article!

Not sure why previous comment author had so many problems - and so rude, as well!!

Comrade Michael said...

So far not working for me. v1.306 Premium is what the program says when it opens so perhaps they put up a new version without changing the name of the exe. Anyway, it starts with "open file from phone" so you don't have to change that. when I click on the button it just goes into endless runtime and stops responding. Oh well...

Anonymous said...

Old Cingular Razr V3 that I got as a second hand gift from my father. I have the latest version of MotoSound. It works great for some parameters, but some do not seem to do anything, like raising the keyboard volume when the bluetooth is activated (can barely hear it in the bluetooth). Otherwise, this program works just fine.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happens for me a for Anon. poster from 6/14/08. Mine is a V3 G. What a bummer, can barely hear the Bluetooth in the car unless stopped.Really need to fix this. Manufacturers need to stop locking down their products so hard, so the public can fix problems they deem cost ineffective to fix and let go into production.