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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fixed! Remote Desktop Freezes when Connecting to Vista from XP

Back in October, I discovered that anytime I connected to Windows Vista Ultimate desktop from my Windows XP Professional Laptop via Remote Desktop (RDP), the screen would freeze. After following a ton of instructions with other posts, I tried messing the the TCP/IP settings and that I had the right version of Terminal Services Client 6.0 to no avail. I came to the conclusion that Remote Desktop from Windows XP to Vista was broken.

It looks like I was wrong, as last night I found a fix! This means that after months of accepting it was broken, I was able to get the Remote Desktop (RDP) connection to work. Here is how it happened...

Last night, I was wanting to work with the photos I took over Easter weekend of my dog Luey and my sister's dog Buddy. Those photos sit on my main desktop and I wanted to work on them via Remote Desktop. I decided to make another pass at the settings.

Once again, I was able to initially connect to Windows Vista from my XP laptop, but then before the screen completely rendered -- it froze. It froze to the point where I needed to end task on the Remote Desktop Connection in order to close it down.

Thinking about it, I started tweaking the video settings thinking that could be the issue since some of the other posts point to bandwidth or other networking issues. No help there.

But then I found it -- under local resources. By going from the dialog to the >>Options and hten the "Local Resources" tab I made a couple of changes.

Fix for connection to Microsoft Windows Vista from Windows XP by changing local resources 1No changes for me with this particular configuration. But now click on 'More.'

Uncheck everything to enable Remote Desktop RDP from Microsoft Windows Vista to XPNow uncheck all options here. Smart Cards, Serial Ports, Drives, and Supported Plug and Play Devices. Now click on 'ok'.

Go ahead and connect to your Windows Vista machine from Remote Desktop Protocol and guess what? It works! Thank goodness -- only took me 6 months to figure this out.

I quickly searched Google and nothing else was out there, so I had to post this. Yes, it is a pain in the rear not to map the drives -- but at least I am able to connect via Remote Desktop. I can find other ways to transfer files!

Good luck, I hope this works for you, too!

Of course this will not work for Windows Vista Home Basic or Home Premium without a hacked RDP dll, but will work for Windows Vista Busines, Windows Vista Ultimate, and Windows Vista Enterprise.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I was having the same login-then-freeze behavior and this fixed it. What an annoyingly stupid bug.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. This was driving me nuts this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thx m8 same for me.

I had a vista buss to vista ultimate showing the same problem.

Unchecking the smart card option fixed it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks it worked for me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Unchecking the Smart Cards option worked for me straight away.

Had a similar problem accessing Windows Server 2003 that was fixed by changing the graphics driver.

Anonymous said...

fixed my windows xp to windows 7 connection issues over the wan

Anonymous said...

This also fixed my XP to Win7Ultimate remote desktop problems as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks!! Ive also been battling for a month now, and was really running out of options. Connecting XP clients to a 2003 server.

Thanks again!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ken, it solved my problem too!

Anonymous said...

Ken, you're resque me!!! Thanks a lot


Anonymous said...

Thank you from Windows 7 Enterprise user!!!