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Saturday, April 05, 2008

2008 Lakers Playoff Tickets -- Missed them, Bummer!

As it has been customary since I ended up on the Lakers Season Ticket Holder waitlist a couple seasons ago -- I get early access to Lakers regular season tickets and playoff tickets before the rest of the world. (Read more about on these Laker Tickets) With the upcoming NBA playoff season upon us, I was really looking forward to grabbing the first two home games for each series with my early access.

2008 2009 Lakers Playoff Tickets
Well, that did not quite happen. The pre-sale for those of us on the Lakers' Season Ticket Waitlist took place yesterday at noon. I thought about it in the morning and knew it would coming. But somehow, I forgot to set an Outlook reminder -- and got too busy with the work day to remember. Unfortuantely, I completely forgot about the NBA playoff tickets pre-sale until about 7:00pm at night -- 2 full hours after the pre-sale for the Lakers finished.

I was a little bummed out, as this would mark the first year in the last three that I did not have any playoff tickets. But yet, there was still hope...

Today at 10:00am the regular Lakers playoff ticket sale took place and I was all set to try and get some ticket, any ticket. Well, no dice either here. Apparently according to a couple of unpublished reports -- all tickets were already sold out for all series BEFORE the general release of the Lakers tickets. That meant those of us trying through the TicketMaster website or calling on the phone were doomed to failure. And I failed.

My last changes will be to check Stubhub (already $260 for the lowest ticket), eBay, or even TicektMasters TicketExchange. Not the greatest of options -- perhaps I can get to at least one game though.

Overall, a huge bummer given the relative ease I can generally get the Lakers tickets.


Al said...

sorry to haer that, just look at the positive we have a lot more seasons.Did you get the 4/3 STH presale code or the 4/4 lakers presale code?