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Thursday, April 03, 2008

March Update for SomeLife

Is it April already? Wow, February and March really flew by and I have close to 20 posts that are still in draft formats. Between vacation, work, and other commitments, I am a little behind. That is pretty self evident in the fact that I only made 19 posts in March, the lowest since April, 2007.

We will see what I can do to get these cleared out over the next couple of weeks. I have several posts from our trip to London and Paris among other items that I really have to get out there.

Let's go ahead an recap the statistics for the month, both represent all time records so far for SomeLife. First off, the visitor counts -- 96,090 visitors came to the site, exceeding the previous high by almost 20% -- almost to the six figure number for this month. The total number of pages viewed was 207,554 for the month which exceeded the previous high by 5,000 pages. The result of those two numbers is that you see a decrease of pages per visit, more on that later.

Let's move onto the most popular posts from the past two months as measured by the number of pageviews.

Top 5 Posts from February:

Top 5 Posts from March:

From my pespective a couple of interesting items is that RAZR Themes post was just posted in the last days of March -- so that is looking like it will be a pretty popular post, even long term. Other than that, a good mix from my perspective on different types of content, which is nice. As expected, the posts on the Motorola RAZR line of phones tends to be the most popular content.

Now on to advertising for the month.

Kontera's ContentLink offering led the way for both the months of February and March. While I am still high on their offering, I do have some additional feedback this month that I would like to share. Over the last several months, I could count on Kontera for pretty consistent eCPM rates based on the number of impressions I have had. However, more recently it has started to wildly (in my opinion) swing on a day-to-day basis. Some days the eCPMs swing wildly varying by as much as 500%. I expect more consistency than I am currently getting, so I may look for an alternative as volume continues to grow. On the other hand, they have made some great improvements to their reporting tool for publishers -- but more often than I would like to see -- the data is delayed. That brings on a whole other set of concerns. But still, Kontera has been good to me -- so no plans to jump ship at this time. Hopefully we can grow with them.

Newly in second place this month is AdBrite and their full-page advertising. Crazy as it may sound, it has recently surpassed Google AdWords as a source of income for the site. Yes, I know the full page ads are a little annoying -- ok a lot annoying. I am trying to minimize them as much as possible, but that is even a better reason to subscribe via RSS -- no ads! I believe this could be having an impact on the effectiveness of Google's AdSense as well as the pages per visit, so I will be running a few tests over the coming weeks to see how it plays out.

Third place this month was Google Adsense. I finally in March started to see some of the fall-off that the other sites have seen. Plus, I continue to be annoyed by the lack of functionality and flexibility that Blogger is integrating in the product. Perhaps AdSense will disappear in the coming months?

Fourth, Text-Link-Ads -- great little and easy to use advertising with simple text ads in the upper right hand corner.

Lastly, Amazon Omakase. Just put it back on the site and it has been pretty effective just in the last few days of the month. Looks like you can get Motorola Phone Tools (MPT) pretty cheap from them -- for less than a $1.

What's coming soon? The need to centralize many of the subjects including my work on the RAZR is coming to a head. A few of the posts in the Month of March will do this to make it easier for you to find the actual information you need. Look for that specifically!

Until next month,