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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Morton’s - Woodland Hills - Get's a Second Chance

A little over a week ago, I posted about the recent experience that Ashley and I had at Morton's The Steakhouse in Woodland Hills, CA. Just for a refresher, we had a good eating experience at Morton's in Woodland Hills, but the pre-sitting atmosphere and lack of attention by the staff almost made us walk out.

Not only did I write a post about it, but I also copied my post into the comments section of the Morton's website. Just a few days later I was contacted by a regional manager.

The regional manager for Morton's apologized for the experience that we had and also let me know why things were a little out of the ordinary on that particular evening. Apparently on the evening of our Anniversary, Arnie Morton's -- The Steakhouse in Woodland Hills was having a caviar and vodka event for 40 of their top customers. Those top customers were requiring a lot attention from the staff on this particular evening.

However, the regional manager was quick to mention that regardless of the event, there should have been either plenty of staff or the staff should not let their focus shift from the guests that were eating at the restaurant that evening. He apologized for that experienced and shared how he was making sure that did not happen again. He was glad that our experience once we were seated in the restaurant was excellent.

In the end, he mentioned he was grateful for our comments as few people truly do comment -- the simply do not return. And, had he not reached out to us, the likelihood of us returning was zero to none. He also offered if we would consider returning to send us a gift certificate so we could try it on them.

Of course I could not pass that up, so we will return in a few weeks and see how different the experience is.