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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Actiontec MI424WR Failed Power Adapter with Wireless Light Only - FiOS

I recently experienced an issue with my Actiontec MI424WR IPTV gateway router. And, as many of us who use FiOS or other broadband services, this particular Actiontec router is the router of choice due to the Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) design.

Actiontec MI424WR router with failed power supply AC Adapter with wireless light on
This particular issue ended up with me needing to request a replacement MI424WR for my home having a disabled Internet service for two days. So, what happened?

I arrived back from a business trip and powered up my computer to get caught up on email, blogging, and all of that other fun stuff. Once Vista Ultimate finished the loading process, I noticed that the globe, indicating Internet connectivity did not show and my Network and Sharing Center showed it as "Local Only."

I took a quick look at my Actiontec MI424WR and it was behaving very oddly. The light for wireless connectivity was on and flashing so quickly it appeared to be a little dim. In addition, no additional lights were on -- no Power, no Ethernet WAN, no COAX WAN, no Internet, or Coax LAN. Only the lone quickly flashing wireless connectivity light flashing.

I figured the router just was in a bad state. I went through the standard practices of turning the router off and on. No luck. Then I unplugged it for 60 seconds. Still, no luck. Try the reset button? The MI424WR router still did not respond.

I came to the conclusion that either the AC Power Adapter was bad or the entire router itself had gone bad. Then I made a quick call (no hold, wow!) to Verizon FiOS support. During the call, the agent mentioned that the MI424WR power supply AC adapters had been failing at a higher than expected rate. But, that he would send me both a router and a new adapter just to make sure.

The new router arrived within two days, and my connection was back to normal. Great service from FiOS Internet (I have not had the same experience with FiOS TV).

What was the problem? Appears to be another documented Power Supply issue with Actiontec MI424WR routers. The new power supply worked great on my old router.


Anonymous said...

Mine has demonstrated the same behavior. FIOS Tech support diagnosed as mi424wr ac adapter failure and is sending just adapter. Hoping that's it. Mine would show indicator light ac adapter dim when router power cycled.

John Deuel said...

My actiontec lost all power. The transformer was hot and slightly deformed (melted!) and still lit its own green power light.

I had some hiccups getting the right answer out of verizon, but end the end, FiOS tech support confirmed that the routers are warranted for life and they're sending out an entire router for free.

I need this up now, though, so I'm taking down one site to bring this site back up. I'd like to find a generic replacement but 5VDC @ 3A is not in your standard radioshack catalog, it seems. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Verizon mailed out new power adapter with no prompting, no issues and no explantion. I found this site while trying to research why they would suddenly send out replacement power adapters, suspecting that there must be an issue with them. Thanks for being the guinea pig, I'm sorry you had troubles. Hopefully, what Verizon learned from helping you will help us all with these new adpaters they sent out.