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Friday, May 23, 2008

Fixed! Nintendo Wii Shuts Off On Its Own

This post is one of several on how to fix problems with your Nintendo Wii. To see the entire list, click here for the Nintendo Wii Repair Guide.

This is a frustrating symptom that can happen sporadically during gameplay. You Ninendo Wii gaming system plays for awhile, but then shuts off on its own. This can cause you to lose your place in a game, loose saved data, or other frustrating problems.

If this is happen frequently, Nintendo suggests (content below) that it commonly can occur with the use of unlicensed AC power adapters or other gaming accessories. The second most common cause is from overheating or lack of ventilation to the Wii game console. Check an make sure there is adequate spacing behind the console unit.

Lastly, as with all electronics, make sure you have a good solid connection between the AC adapter, the wall, and the power port on the Nintendo Wii. Loosened connections can cause irregular or intermittent power issues to your Nintendo Wii. The fit of the adapters should be snug with no wiggle room.

If the problem occurs every now and then (but not frequently or regularly), please click here to view our "No Power" troubleshooting by clicking here.

Here is an excerpt from the Nintendo Website on the issue:

If you are able to get power to come back on, but then it keeps going out, the problem is likely due to either overheating or from an unlicensed accessory tripping the fuse on the AC Adapter.

Please check for the following:

  1. Make sure that the word "Wii" and the model number "RVL-002 (USA)" molded into the AC adapter. Unlicensed products are not fully compatible and may not work correctly.
  2. Avoid the use of unlicensed products such as memory cards, controllers, and cheat devices. Some of these products are poorly manufactured and may result in damage to your system. If one of these products is attached to your system, remove it and try resetting the AC Adapter (see below).
  3. Check all accessories, licensed or not, for physical damage. Physical damage, such as frayed wiring or a cracked housing can cause the system to shut down. Remove any damaged products and try resetting the AC Adapter (see below).
  4. Make sure the Wii has good ventilation. Avoid operating the Wii while it's on carpeting or inside an enclosed space. If you have the Wii placed in a vertical position, make sure the vents on the bottom are lined up properly with the hole in the plastic stand and no foreign material is obstructing that hole.
  5. Check the vent on the back and side (or bottom, depending on how you have the system positioned) of the Wii for dust build up. The system will shut down if it cannot vent properly to prevent overheating. If there is a build-up, remove it using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment.
  6. If the above steps do not solve the problem, you should try resetting the AC
    Adapter. Click here for instructions on how to do this.


RonZ said...

Since our cat knocked our Wii off of the table it sits on (less than a 1 foot drop, onto a carpeted floor) the power only stays on if you turn it on its side, with the gamecube controller sockets facing down. I suspect that the connector is not making good contact inside the Wii. I have some experience with electronic repair, and would like to know if it is very difficult to disassemble the Wii and work on the power connector; that is, are springs going to go flying out if I try to open it? :)

Brooke said...

Wii's are not too difficult to open up. No springs will fly out... You just need to have a small tri-blade driver to remove the screws. God speed.