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Thursday, May 08, 2008

NAS Device Selection Complete!

Earlier this week, I wrote about my search for the right product in order to put in a small home network attached storage (NAS) to extend the storage and capabilities of our computers. I ended up with some free time this past week and was finally to make a selection and complete the purpose. And with some additional help, no less than three of the manufacturers of the products contacted me regarding theirs.

Galaxy 3500MGB-RAID Pro GIGA-NAS my recent purchase
To get quickly to the point, and then recap how I got there -- I ended up picking the Galaxy 3500MGB-RAID Pro GIGA-NAS (link) over the other NAS devices I was considering. The Galaxy model was not even on the original list of devices that I was considering. But the combination of features and price (only $129.99 at NewEgg) made the decision pretty easy.

The Galaxy 3500MBG-RAID Pro has some of the key features I was looking for, including: RAID 1, 10/100/1000Mbps Base-TX with Auto MDI/MDI-X, 2 additional USB ports, 2 bays for SATA-I / SATA-II hard drives. The only concern is the 1.5Gb/s speed rather than 3.0Gb/s. At only $129.99, how can I complain?

Why won me over versus the other devices I was looking at? Here is a quick look at each:
D-Link DNS-323 - Price ($50 more), phantom RAID-1 support based on reviews and forums.
Linksys NAS200 - No Gigabit support, looks to be end of life product.
NETGEAR SC101T - Lack of standardized file storage (proprietary, not Linux or Windows), awful reviews.
SANS DIGITAL MN2L - Price ($60 more), louder fan.
THECUS N2050BD - Problems with overheating and running hot, non-rigid "cheap" design.
ZYXEL NSA-220 - Possible issues with network sharing, price ($100 more)

While I evaluated most of them, interestingly I my choice was for the lowest price unit, which is unusual for me. I usually choose value and features over price, especially when it comes to computer and electronics equipment. This just happened to be a case where I felt many of the features, coupled with good reviews and a great price led to the lowest cost network attached storage device I was looking at. No complaints there.

The good news is that device arrived from NewEgg on Friday and the packaging itself looks awesome. Unfortunately I am still waiting on my 7200RPM SATA hard disk drives to come from my other order -- so I have not had the chance to test it out yet. I am hopeful that they may arrive or early next week and I can put the Galaxy through its paces. I am pretty excited about it, but until then it will sit in its box.

Have you tried out the Galaxy 3500MGB-RAID Pro? What were your results? I will be posting mine soon!

While I did not choose any of the products from the group of manufacturers in my first post, I may have the opportunity to try them out in the future. If so, I promise to share how those experiences go.

Update: My MGB Raid Pro just died after only 13 months. Click here to read more.


Eoin Gregory said...

Please let us know how you made out with the Galaxy. I currently run a Buffalo LinkStation Pro 500gb unit which I use as a document server. I'm concerned about its lifespan and back it locally to a usb drive thru a desktop (using Syncback) and remotely to an Amazon 3S account. This gives me the comfort of knowing I'm backed up.

I'm thinking of building a Server using SME server which is a light server/gateway/router/firewall app based on Cent-OS/Red Hat Linux. (I've tested it on a regular old AMD 2600+ machine and I like it) I want to pair that with a Low Energy consuming processor like a Via C7 and a shuttle sized case. I figure I can put the whole thing together with the drives for about $300. This gives me the flexibilty to control access to my data and have a low energy machine.

Eoin Gregory