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Monday, May 19, 2008

Nintendo Wii Fit Shipped and On Its Way!

With the hottest experience just launching, will you be waiting in line for the Nintendo Wii Fit? Will you be running from Target to Best Buy to Circuit City just to try and find one in stock? Fortunately, I will not be.

Nintendo Wii Fit is shipped and on its way fun and stimulating
About six weeks ago I was reading a couple articles about the pending US launch of the Wii Fit and its success in Japan, I thought that I would definitely have to try it out when it launched. After cruising around Amazon's website, I noticed that the Wii Fit was available for pre-order. So, I plopped down my credit card and made the pre-order at the time.

As time went on, a little uncertainty started to surround the available quantities. Big surprise from Nintendo, right? At one point the Amazon website stated that due to decreases or less than expected quantities of the Wii Fit, all order may not be fulfilled. I thought there was a good opportunity that I would not have the Wii Fit on launch day.

However, I was a little relieved when I saw this message from Amazon yesterday:

Attention "Wii Fit" Pre-order Customer:
Please note that we are in the process of receiving all "Wii Fit" product from Nintendo and are working to ship out your orders. We anticipate that all orders will ship on or before May 21. As we begin to ship products, your delivery estimates will be updated. Check your order status for the most up-to-date information. Also, please note that Nintendo officially changed the release date of "Wii Fit" to May 21 a few weeks back. For those who have been unable to order "Wii Fit," we are actively seeking more of this product from suppliers. Please, check back soon to see if more are available.
Then last night, I received a shipment notification from Amazon stating the arrival date of this Friday of the Wii Fit. I was really excited that my order happened to be in one of the first batches, because based on my previous pre-order experiences with the Nintendo Wii and the Sony Playstation 3 -- you never knew how it would turn out.

For those of you who were not fortunate to get in on the pre-orders, it looks like the secondary market will be going for at least 2x the retail price. Some recent sales on eBay hit as high as $170 or as low as $117, so there are "bargains" available. On Amazon, you can buy it immediately for $175 from a third party. Hopefully the shortage will not last long.

I cannot wait to try out the Wii Fit this Friday and will surely report back on the experience. It is sure to usher in a whole new set of games and fitness experiences for the Nintendo Wii!