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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Paying the King’s Ransom – Yahoo! Directory Fees

Blogging is free. That’s what I love about it. Whether you are doing it for fun or as a business, there are basically very few – and possibly no start-up or recurring costs unless you specifically go looking for them. Free blog services, free software joblets and widgets, free servers and bandwidth to server up your pages. Even major forms of promotion including search engines are free.

All it costs you is some of your time and thoughts. And for that reason among others, until this point I had not paid for any sort of advertising or “preferential” treatment of my blog. All my search engine listings – free. All of my links from sites – free. All of the participation in other blogs – free. In fact, the only money I have spent on operating this site has been the pennies a year it costs to have park and provide DNS for my domain. That was until now.

So, with that -- I finally broke down and paid the King’s ransom. While you may question my use of the term “King”, there is no question it is a ransom. What am I talking about? The Yahoo! directory and their $299 annual fee to be listed in their directory of course.

A couple months ago in my bi-monthly updates, I mentioned that I was for the first time considering actually paying the fee to Yahoo to have this site, SomeLife blog listed in their directory. I still think it is quite preposterous that Yahoo! charges some people to have “guaranteed” listings in their directory and subjectively . Especially if your site is in the top 100,000 worldwide as ranked by Alexa as SomeLife Blog has wandered in and out of over the last couple of weeks.

Adding further to my frustration, I have submitted my site several times to the free Yahoo! Directory submit over the past 18 months and never received any sort of response or listing. Nothing. Absolutely amazing.

Taking that even further my site suffers from pathetic Yahoo search engine rankings and a lack of consistent and reliable indexing of my pages. While Google search traffic to my site makes up almost 80% of this site’s traffic – Yahoo Search only provides 4% of the total traffic to my site. All things equal and market share of search per comScore’s Media Metrix rankings from March – it should be much closer to 60/20 split between Google and Yahoo. This site is way off from that.

Then this past weekend, fresh off a good month for some new income sources I thought I would give the Yahoo Directory a try for the first time. Here are the reasons why:

1. Even thought they are still struggling, Yahoo is still the leader in Internet traffic – both in unique users and pageviews on a monthly basis. I am currently really missing out on that opportunity.

2. While not guaranteed, a Yahoo Site Directory listing may lead to a lot of additional traffic from Yahoo, where my site clearly suffers now.

3. Being listed in Yahoo’s Site Directory “assures” that you will be more frequently index by Yahoo, expanding the coverage of my posts on their search engine. I sorely need this.

I also figured it was a good calculated risk to take. The underlying assumption I have is that the listing simply doubles the organic traffic I receive from Yahoo -- to move my current 4% share I receive from Yahoo to 8% from the current 4% then the fee will be paid back in less than a month.

Let’s hope for that – I’ll update the site once I am listed and provide some details on if there are any noticeable changes in the traffic from Yahoo.

What do you think of my decision?


borderline said...

Thanks for sharing that precious info!
I was probably scammed by a fraudulent seller on ebay last week. The tracking # he gave me is invalid and it smeels bad..
I will let you know what happen next, but will follow steps decribed here. The dispute must be started with paypal and at last with my credit card. But if it end that PAYPAL is in favor of the seller, can I still use the chargeback option with my credit card?

Ken Hanscom said...


borderline said...

Wow that was a fast reply! :)