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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wii Fit -- Taking Consistent Body Test Measurements

This post is one of several on how to fix problems with your Nintendo Wii. To see the entire list, click here for the Nintendo Wii Repair Guide.

This is a lesson in consistency and how to use the Wii Fit Balance Board to get consistent measurements.

The first day I tried out my Wii Fit Balance, my BMI checked in at 23.58, as the balance board showed my weight at 168 pounds at my 5’11” height. I thought the weight was 4-5 pounds lighter than it should be, as compares with our home scale.

On day two, I stepped back onto the Balance Board and my BMI dropped to 23.33 at a weight of 166 pounds – still 3-4 pounds lighter than the home scale. A couple of pounds, that seemed possibly reasonable, could the Wii Balance Board really make that big of a difference in just two days?

Then, today I stepped on the Wii Fit Balance Board and the BMI jumped almost to 24! The weight jumped up to 173 pounds. For the first time the Wii Fit Balance Board matched my home scale, but it was a huge change from the Balance Board reading just two days earlier.

What happened? Your first thoughts might turn to one of the following

- Maybe I really did eat that much over the Memorial Day weekend.
- Maybe I was wearing different clothes that weighed more or less
- Since the human body can fluctuate by fluctuate by a couple of pounds each day, perhaps that was it.

Then I thought about it. Nope, it was not any of those. I changed my routine. How, you ask?

Hold on for one second while I describe the home environment. The Wii Balance Board is not kept out in the open. When it is time to use it, I move it to the position on the carpeted floor where it is the most comfortable for me. While the carpet is not what you work consider very thick, there is some padding underneath.

Now, let’s move on to how I changed my routine.

The first two days, I place the balance board on the floor and waited for the game to load up. I did not step onto the balance board until I selected Body Test, waited until the Wii Fit Balance Board powered up and then stepped onto the Balance Board.

Today, for some reason – I decided to stand on the balance board from the moment I turned on the Wii Fit game. I stood on it while the game started, I selected the Body Test, and then I briefly stepped up while the Balance Board powered up.

The conclusion?

If you want to get an accurate weight reading on your balance board, even on carpet that is not overly thick – the Wii Balance Board needs time to settle in with weight on it. A good 30-45 seconds should be enough. If you do not, the balance board may under measure your weight.

Another option is to do the body test at the end of the workout after you have spent a good amount of time on it.

In any case, to have a consistent weight measurement, make sure to follow the same routine every time you use Wii Fit’s Body Test. I know that I will from now on.

For more accurate Wii Fit Balance Board measurements:Allow time for the balance board to settle in, especially when on the carpet. Otherwise, the balance board may understate your weight.

For more consistent Wii Fit Balance Board measurements:
Follow the same routine every time you use the Body Test feature.


Anonymous said...

Hi, my Wii balance board isn't detecting weight properly in the top right quadrant. The Wii support docs only tell me to check the foot extensions and the battery life. Battery life shows OK (I have a rechargable battery pack if that makes a difference) and the feet, foot extensions and the rubber cover seem fine. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of anyone encountering the persisting "please step off me and press A" problem? I'm not standing on or near the balance board. I have replaced the batteries, resynched everything, unplugged and then resynched everything. I still keep getting this message no matter how many times I press A. I see several people on the nintendo tech support forums have experienced this with no solution. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Stephen, i have the same problem.
Does anyone know how to solve this problrm?

Anonymous said...

my board does that to, it seems to be a fault with one of the sencers in the board that the tool in the game does not pick up and a fault.
I dont know how to fix it.