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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pairing Jabra BT160 Discovery Mode & Other Headsets with iPhone

Quite awhile back I purchased the Jabra BT160 as a wireless bluetooth headset for Ashley. Given California's pending law going into effect July 1st, 2008 -- all users of mobile phones in their cars must be "hands free" so to prevent accidents. Over the next 3 weeks, there are sure to be millions of Motorola, Plantronics, and Jabra headsets sold.

Pairing Instructions for the Jabra BT160 and other headsets including discovery mode
We had not setup Ashley's iPhone to use Bluetooth yet. Of course, I had lost the manual -- so I had to search around to navigate the Jabra site, find a PDF, and then follow the procedure. It is easier for me to post how I paired the device here than it will be to find it again. So, hopefully it may be of use to you as well.

In terms of the iPhone, the pairing went off without a hitch. I have read about a number of users having issues with discovery and pairing of various brands of Bluetooth headsets. The good news here is that if you need to pick up a headset for your iPhone here in California -- the BT160 works really easily.

Here are the instructions that I followed:

1. Put the headset in pairing mode. In order to do this, you first need to make sure the headset is in. Once the headset is turned on, all you need to do is press the answer/end button and press the volume up (+) button at the same time, until a solid blue light comes on. For me, this took about 15 seconds.

2. Set your Bluetooth phone to ‘discover’ the Jabra BT160. To perform this, follow your phone’s instruction guide. This usually involves going to a ‘setup,’ ‘connect’ or ‘Bluetooth’ menu on your phone and selecting the option to ‘discover’ or ‘add’ a Bluetooth device. On the iPhone, I went to Settings --> General --> Bluetooth --> on to start the phone's discovery.

3. Your phone will find the Jabra BT160. Your phone then asks if you want to pair with it. Accept by pressing ‘Yes’ or ‘OK’ on the phone and confirm with the passkey or PIN which is set to 0000 (4 zeros). The iPhone itself skipped the 'Yes' or 'OK', all I needed to do was click on the device to add it.

4. Your phone will confirm when pairing is complete. I completed a quick test call and the iPhone was connecting to the BT160 via Bluetooth with no issues.

Some of the other Jabra models this may work for include:
Jabra BT125
Jabra BT130
Jabra BT135 Bluetooth Headset
Jabra BT150
Jabra BT160
Jabra BT200
Jabra BT2010
Jabra BT2020
Jabra BT2030 Bluetooth Headset
Jabra BT2040
Jabra BT250v
Jabra BT3010
Jabra BT3030
Jabra BT320s
Jabra BT325s
Jabra BT350
Jabra BT4010 Bluetooth Headset
Jabra BT500v
Jabra BT5010
Jabra BT5020
Jabra BT5030 BT HDST Silver
Jabra BT620s
Jabra BT800
Jabra BT8010
Jabra BT8030
Jabra BT8040
Jabra BT8040 BT HSDT Black
Jabra BT8050 BT HDST Ebony


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that post. I had lost my Jabra AND got a new phone, so when I found it again I really couldn't remember how to pair it.

Anonymous said...

I had the exact same problem... I lost my manual and was looking for it at the Jabra site when I decided to try my luck and google it instead. Thankfully this site came up near the top. It saved me a lot of time!

Anonymous said...

I also lost my manual and could for the life of me remember how to get into the pairing mode.
Thanks so much for the info.

Emanuel said...

Thanx for your post. Got a Jabra from my brother without any manual...

With the hack from i can now listen to music with the iphone :-)


Sara said...

This post is great! Really useful. Thank You.

Carisa said...

Thank you so much!! I thought it was going to take forever for me to find pairing instructions, but like many others this link popped up on top of my search. Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! Same as the others, new phone, no manual for the Jabra, and had no clue. I'm now officially hands free. Thanks!

Blake said...

thanks dude, i bought a new phone and forgot this whole procedure. i was about to throw it out. derrr.

Ruchi said...

Thank you so much! These instructions were simple and helped pair my the jabra with iPhone after struggling for hours. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

What a great post. I never thought I would be able to pair the Jabra with my iPhone. Your instructions were right to the point and I was able to pair the two within minutes. Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for my jabra manual all weekend - thank you for this posting!

allan said...

Fedt, du var en kæmpe hjælp, var der nogen som kunne hjælpe med en løsning til Iphone 3G så mit viber kan virke?

Anonymous said...

You're awesome! I thought I was never going to be able to use the device after so many years....Thanks a lot for the post!