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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Canon SD770 IS Arrived, but do I need it?

After our other digital camera, the Camera PowerShot SD800 IS was stolen from Ashley’s car a couple of weeks ago – I spent a good deal of time unraveling Canon’s confusing Digital Elph product lineup. After a couple of days of researching on and off, I settled on the SD770 IS with it’s 10.3 Megapixels, ultra light, and ultra compact design and placed the order for the silver model to make sure I received it before we left for our vacation to Italy.

Then a curious thing happened. The person who broke into our vehicle was caught with the property of a number of people in their vehicle. Not only that, but apparently it was a ring that involved a 35-year old woman, 18-year old man, and 4 other juveniles for a total of six that made the local newspaper. Was it possible that our camera may have been recovered?

I placed a call to the officer to get details and provide the serial number associated with our camera. After a brief conversation, the officer stated there was a camera with that description – and there was a high-likelihood that it was ours. Only one other Canon Powershot camera was reported missing and they confirmed it was not that one. The only fly in the ointment was the detective with the details on the recovered property was not in today – that means I will need to wait until I return from vacation to find out for sure.

With that potential good new on the horizon – and with my new SD770 IS in hand – what should I do? Return the SD 770 IS? Nope – for me, the decision will be simple – should the SD800 IS be recovered I will keep the SD770 IS and sell the SD800 on eBay.


The Canon Powershot SD770 IS digital camera is what a Digital Elph camera should be. Upon immediately opening up the package from Canon, I could tell that this particular camera was much smaller than our SD800 IS or the other camera that I was considering, the SD790 IS. When I picked it up with the new NB-6L battery format and SD card installed, it was still noticeably lighter than I expected. Aside from taking quality pictures, the size (can fit in a shirt pocket) and light weight were the two most critical features for the camera to have. The SD770 IS delivers on these two fronts.

The Canon Powershot SD770 IS fits in the palm of my hand.The Canon Powershot SD770 IS fits in the palm of my hand.

What about image quality? I have expressed significant disappointment with pictures quality of SD800 IS in the past – in many different conditions, but especially in medium to lower light situations and suffered from general softness in automatic modes – which some attribute to the wider angle lens. I was counting on the SD770 IS to have superior photo quality given the standard 35-105mm equivalent range of the lens.

The early results are promising. I took a couple of quick snapshots in lower light conditions (sample shot of the dog below) and the quality is much better than anything the SD800 IS produced. Too bad I did not have the SD800 IS on hand to do a side-by-side comparison.

Sample photo from the Canon Powershot SD770 IS in low light.

At least so far – I am ecstatic in my choice of the SD770 IS to be my replacement point and shoot camera. It has met my initial expectations – cannot wait to see what kind of pictures it captures while we are in Italy. You can be sure that many of my upcoming posts and photos from Italy will be taken with the SD770!

Are you considering the SD770 IS? If so, seems to have some of the better deals on them right now. Click here to go to Amazon’s site.