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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Photo Blog: Murano & More Time in Venice, Italy

Since we were able to visit many of the major sites yesterday in Venice -- today we get to visit the island of Murano, take it easy, and relax a little bit. Murano, historically important for the beautiful glass blowing and has been featured recently in the 1,000 Places to See book and television show on the travel channel. Then, in the evening we'll head back to Florence to spend the next couple of days.

Here are a few (many) pictures from the day.

The free water taxi service that the Hilton Molino Stucky in Venice offers. It runs hourly, which in the evening seems not frequently enough. In fact, a few guests were turned away on last night's 10:20pm shuttle we took back. However, it is a free service -- especially compared with the expensive Vaporetto -- Water Taxi service.

We walked outside of the hotel, turned to the right and headed to the Palanca Vaporetto water taxi stop to catch the first available 41/42 line that will take us to the island of Murano.

A slightly different look at the Molina Stucky Hilton Hotel in Venice from the 42 Vaporetto line. As you can see, the Molina Stucky is a massive property with a conference center an more.

By taking the 42 line, we were able to take our first trip down the Canale Di Cannaregio on our way to Murano. Just a photo of the early morning street life in this part of Venice.

Here we approach the island of Murano after a 35 minute or so water taxi ride.

Known for the awesome creations of glass from the island, many of the glass makers (blowers) offer free demonstrations where you can see objects made right in front of you. We watched this glass maker create two simple pieces (a vase and this horse) from scratch before being directed into this maker's storefront.

Tons of shopping line the central canal on Murano. Ranging from basic creations to high-end custom and artistic pieces of Murano glass. As with most things here -- never pay the asking price and negotiate as much as possible.

The Cometo Di Vetro or Comet Glass Star by famous glass sculptor Simone Cenedese at the central point of Murano.

I liked the glass comet so much, I had Ashley take my picture in front of it.

We had a nice lunch at Ristorante Dalla More right next to the water. With the hot and humid weather, it was nice to sit down in the shade to get out of the heat for awhile.

Ashley posing with her new glass piece created from Murano glass. Actually, hers is being packed up -- and this similar piece made for a nice picture. It was a small discussion we had about whether we should purchase an Italian glass piece of a Dutch painter who lived in France -- but at the end of the day, she liked it and it fit well in our home. The most important two things.

One of the largest stores on Murano was Furnace Gino Mazzuccato which had a number of great pieces. Had we not purchased the Vincent van Gogh Sunflowers mosaic from Murano Glass -- we would have made a purchase here.

Ashley and I sitting on the steps of the Venezia San Lucia train station waiting for our train to arrive. Even in the shade, the steps were still hot from the heat of the day.

Ashley and I were amazed at the amount of people coming and going from the Vaporetto water taxi stops at the train station. It was heavy and constant -- every 5-10 minutes a large group of people came to the station from Venice -- and left the train station for Venice.

A couple of the Vaporetto water taxis on the Venice Canal. For public transportation, they were quite expensive. For a 60 minute ticket, it is euro 6.50 ($10.10) per person. With four separate rides -- that euro 52 ($80) for our transportation there. We could have saved a little by getting a 24 or 36 hour pass -- however, it would have been less than 20%. However, the Vaporetto are still much more cost effective than the private water taxis or gondoliers.


Raghu Battula said...

Ken - Nice pictures of the glass is a really cool picture!!! I'm sure it must have been amazing in real !!!!