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Monday, July 28, 2008

Photo Blog: Relaxing in Florence, Italy

Today was a day of relaxation for us around the home for us, recovering from our long journey yesterday from Los Angeles. Some friends of the family dropped by for lunch and between our afternoon naps, we took a walk to the small village of San Martino and the church there.

Here are a couple of snap-shots from the day. The weather was a little overcast, in the 90's and humid -- so the pictures were not the clearest, but here they go:
Ashley, Filippo, Luigi, Sara-Jane Morris, and Armando at lunch. (From left-to-right)

This is the church at San Martino and where we will be hiking to. Ashley remembers this being a very long hike and her cousins giving her and her grandma tough time about making the hike!

We're coming to the last long hill before we reach the top and the church comes into full view.

Now at the top, a look back down at the house and where we just hiked from.

"La Casa De Chianti" or where they make wine here in San Martino as Villa Torrigiani.

A front view of Villa Torrigiani which was closed today.

Just a quick snapshot down a side street in San Martino.

A photo of the cross and stained glass window at the church. It was under construction and not open for viewing.

The clock tower, was able to get a decent photo despite the weather conditions and the construction.

Ashley relaxing back at the house in the evening.