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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lenovo / Fujitsu Hard Drive Bites the Dust, Again. 2100:HDD0

Argh. Make that twice in the past 8 months that a T61P laid an egg on me and the hard drive crashed. Just a few mornings ago, when I attempted to start my computer in the morning I received the dreaded 2100 HDD0 Initialization error that I received back in December. The exact error: 2100: HDD0 (hard disk drive) initialization error(2)

My heart stopped. I knew this was pretty much fatal. And I potentially had a lot of lost data, again. The only question was how much.

After my last hard drive crash back in December (which could not be recovered), I was diligent in setting up a quality backup job that would back all the important files up to a corporate network. That way, if anything happened – I was in good shape. I took some time over the first couple of days to verify the backups were working.

But, subconsciously I was aware of a small flaw in the design right after this error occurred. The scheduled backup job was tied to my Windows ID or login. Given the prevalence of password requirements and expirations, my password had been changed several times since I initiated the backup job.

What does that mean? In a word – failure. As in the backup job had not been running since my last password change on May 31st. While I had been intentional in setting up a great backup policy, it was more difficult to remember to change the password on the scheduled tasks at the same time. Basically the job kept running, but because the Windows account that the job was running under was not authorized to access the network (bad password) the job failed.

The impact? Two months of lost data. Not catastrophic, but a huge pain in the rear – and some serious work to make up.

Of course, I tried everything I could to recover the Fujitsu drive in my T61P. The freezer trick, mounting it to a different computer, anything. All were failures, but I would suggest that the freezer almost worked – after freezing the drive for two days I tried to boot it up. Rather than the loud “click, click, click” sound I had been hearing, it was much, much quieter – perhaps close to spinning up? I also tried the “bios” update program that is out there for the Lenovo serious storage devices – no dice there either.

Drive was dead, time to move on.

I have to admit that I have completely had it with the reliability of the Lenovo Thinkpad T61P. In this day and age, to lose two hard drives in 8 months is absolutely spectacular and a poster child for poor quality. In fact, based on my previous learning – I completely babied this computer and drive.

Still, it disappointed me and left me stranded and having to make up work. Awful.

I received my “replacement” T61 and started to rebuild what I once had. The only good news on this front is that the updated T61P has a different brand of hard drive, a Western Digital.

Let’s hope this drive is more reliable than either of the last two. In addition, I am implementing a triple backup protection and picking up an external hard drive.

Enough is enough.


Anonymous said...

Western Digital is no good either on T61 lenovo. My WD hard disk on T61 crashed today!

Olivia said...

I know this is an old post, but I had the same thing happen, on a t60 thinkpad, with a 13-month-old Hitachi 7200 rpm.

I've been using nothing but thinkpads for 30 or so years, but Lenovo never gets another buck from me.

Terrible, terrible, terrible in warranty service. I do repairs myself, rather than deal with them.

Lenovo's the worst.

mannee said...

Had same error msg on X61 w/ a hitachi hdd. my company is a Lenovo/IBM shop & I would NEVER buy a Lenovo for personal use.