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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lost & Found – The SD800 IS’s Imminent Return.

Amazingly, we will be receiving our previously stolen Canon PowerShot SD800 IS back in the next couple of weeks – if all goes well.

When I last updated my post, we learned that there was an outside chance that our camera may have actually been recovered when a quartet of criminals (article here) were caught breaking into cars in our neighborhood.

But, before we left for Italy, we were not able to connect with the detectives investigating the crime that took place in our neighborhoods and ended up with our handy-dandy Canon Powershot SD800 IS being stolen from Ashley’s car.

Having returned from an awesome vacation, it was time to find out if indeed our lost digital camera was in fact, now found. So, with hope – I placed a call to the Ventura County Sheriff’s department and got connected with the detectives.

The conversation initially was a little amusing – first the detective asked what type of photos were on the camera, for identification purposes. I fumbled through the possibilities of there being some 4th of July photos or birthday party photos. I started to describe the camera itself having a small scratch on the case and then mentioned – I did provide the serial number.

The detective laughed and said – wow, that is unusual. From his experience, people usually throw the boxes and serial information away. In this case it would make it easy. He told me he would run to the lockup, verify and then give me a call back.

Five minutes later, my cell phone rang. The detective said – great news, it’s your camera.

That is great I thought, now all I have to do is drive down and pick it up.

Wait, not so fast. After a couple of seconds the detective mentioned that given the camera is evidence in the case, we would need to wait at least until after September 4th to pick up “evidence”.

I pressed for a little information – if the case did not complete before September 4th, what would happen then? How long would I have to wait to get my SD800 IS digital camera back?

After a little discussion, the conclusion is this – as long as the camera is needed for the case, it will remain in the possession of the Ventura County Sheriff’s department. The only way that it might be possible to get it back was if it was actually causing a financial hardship for me. This clearly does not apply for me.

So the good news is that my lost Canon Powershot Digital Camera is now found – but, the question remains when will I get it back? Hopefully sometime next week!


Tim W. said...

That's awesome that you found it. Hopefully, the time it is in the evidence locker will be worth it and the camera will help convict these criminals.

BTW, I found your blog through a google search trying to find out what happened to my projection Sony tv. Turns out it was just the lamp going out (my wife did not notice there were three separate lights on the front of the tv, one being for the lamp) but I kept your two blogs bookmarked for future reference if needed. Then I got curious to see what else you blogged about and enjoyed skimming through the last 18 months. I love your Wii fix it blogs and now am going to continue to read your blog for the forseeable future.

Ken Hanscom said...

Hi Tim. Great to have you as a reader -- hopefully, I will be able to help you solve some important problems at some point!