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Saturday, August 30, 2008

One Touch Maxtor Manager Software Update

Funny how timing works. Not more than a few hours after I posted my article on Maxtor's crippling of their One Touch4 Maxtor Manager's back up software -- I checked to see if a software update was available.

And guess what? A new version of the software was available. The question was, would the new version -- v4.7.0.7 -- still be crippled after all the complaints?

I proceeded to move ahead with the download to see what Maxtor had in store for their One Touch 4 customers. The installation went ahead smoothly and initially the only difference I noticed was the presence of a new icon color in the taskbar -- blue.

After clicking on the taskbar icon, the Maxtor One Touch software for my 750gb hard drive did not look much different. I figured I should check out the backup options to see if any of the available Windows folders had changed.

Maxtor Manager Software upgrade for the One Touch 4 Hard Drive backup system

As you could see from the image below, I was greeted with a surprise. Miracluously, a new folder selection for backups was there. What was it? The C:\Documents and Settings folder from Windows XP also the C:\Users directory from Vista. I decided to give the backup a try.

Maxtor Mnager for One Touch4 now supports the Documents and Settings folder for Windows XP backups

So, I selected the C:\Documents and Settings folder and let the backup run. After about 10 minutes the backup completed and it was time to check the log. Upon close inspection -- I noticed a number of files were skipped. The message was 'hidden files are not supported' by the software. However, a good number of files from local settings and application data were backed up. A drastic improvement.

It seems that Maxtor has started the process of uncrippling the software that comes with their One Touch4 series of hard drives, even despite insistences on the message boards that this would not changed. This is a move in the right direction, however it is still not far enough. The software still does not allow the backup of a number of folders, most noticeably the Windows directory and there are a number of important hidden files that many users want to backup from their systems.

To Maxtor (owned by Seagate), I congratulate them on some good progress on their One Touch software. Still, the sofware has a long ways to go before I can replace my robocopy scripts and be able to use some fully functioning software. Once they do that, then I can pull the One Touch4's Maxtor Manager Software out of the crippleware category.


Fixer said...

I had the same complaint when I got this drive and was happy to see that the new software allows you to get to the user profiles now. However suddenly when I push the button or tell the Manager to back up, it tells me there is no Drive to back up to! I can of course see the drive and have been saving new data to it for some time, but the "backup" software doesn't even work now. It also doesn't show up in add remove software, so when I tried to re-install it, From the drive itself, it says there is a newer update installed already.
I can't say I would recommend this device to anyone just because of the crappy software.

Anonymous said...

I have one more complaint about Maxtor backup software. There are some folders that get backed up again and again even though nothing has changed in them. When we go to the restore files dialog, we can see that for some files, there are multiple versions of the same file with same date. As a result of this, the backup takes a long time as it is copying a set of files again to the history.

Any one seen this?

Anonymous said...

how do I get the 4.7 version?