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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Motorola USB Driver Update for RAZR - 32-bit

With the recent hard drive crash on my Windows XP, it was time to re-install the USB driver on my laptop so I could charge and access my Motorola RAZR V3. It had been quite some time since I last installed the driver, so there was the need to revisit the site to download the drivers.

Upon my visit to the site, and subsequently remembering the password for my account that I created almost a couple of years ago. Immediately upon entering -- I noticed that there had been a full Motorola version upgrade to their USB driver software -- the most current version was now the "Motorola Handset USB Driver v3.5.0 for Windows (32-bit / x86) OS".

I downloaded the driver and started the installation process of the file: Handset_USB_Driver_32_v3.5.0.msi, the USB drivers for the Motorola mobile phone handsets.

First step running the USB driver for Motorola with the installation file for Handset_USB_Driver_32_v3.5.0.msiFirst step running the USB driver for Motorola with the installation file for Handset_USB_Driver_32_v3.5.0.msi

Installing the USB Driver for the Motorola RAZR for the v3.5.0.  Simply click next.Installing the USB Driver for the Motorola RAZR for the v3.5.0. Simply click next.

Agree to the license for the USB driver for your Motorola handset.

The Driver installation completes for the v3.5.0 version of the USB Driver for Motorola RAZR handsets.The Driver installation completes for the v3.5.0 version of the USB Driver for Motorola RAZR handsets.

After the installation completes, just attach your phone via a standard USB cable and the rest of the installation will complete. In very close succession, the Accessories Interface, Data Logging MCU Interface, and Test Command Interface install. Then immediately, my RAZR V3 phone starts charging via the USB driver.

Now, you can run the Motorola V3 Software of your choice -- such as P2K Commander to access your phone and unlock the hidden potential. In addition, with this install, Motorola includes their Motorola Driver Installer 2.9 software that will allow you to check out the software or even upgrade or clean-up the driver installation. A very nice add to the drier.

Lastly, given the major changes in the software from my last installation, I decided to check the release notes to see what changes were available.

Here are the list of changes in recent Motorola Handset USB Driver updates: ->
1. Support for new USB PIDs: Hailing (ODM), Halo USB Networking mode, Frost and Dover.
2. Mot Networking driver modified to support Hailing phone networking mode. ->
1. Added PIDs to support Pau
2. Increased CallSetupFailTimer value to 200 sec for Q9c/Q modem device.
3. Removed TI Locosto blank ROM PID from EU installation to better support ODM products. ->
1. Support for switching the phone out of USB Printing mode in Vista
2. Fixed MTP device installation failure seen on a machine with no previous WDF driver installation
3. Added PIDs to support W362 (Calcutta) ->
1. Added MSM6800 PIDs to support Athens/Watertown.
2. Added TI OMAP 3430 and TI Neptune ROM PIDs
3. Motousbnet - Fixed DHCP request handling to properly support multi-up on Vista
4. Motccgp - Enhancement to simplify DTM/WHQL testing.
5. Motswch – Added USB reset port IOCTL. ->
1. Added Nelson Q9c boot PID
2. Updated motodrv.sys to be complaint with latest DTM tests ->
1. LIBmm89883 - Drv: Change default DUN connection speed shown in Windows connection status
2. Support for MSM6280 and QSC6055 PIDs. ->
1. LIBmm32138 - Drv: Argon A9 USB driver support
2. LIBmm17479 - Drv: Driver installer should remove non-installed device instances ->
1. LIBmm22376 - Drv: Motmodem: implement custom Qualcomm IOCTLs
2. LIBll91957 - External HSDPA 3.6 Rate not same as V6 & somtimes FTP stuck
3. LIBll91066 - Drv: Motmodem: implement SERIAL_EV_TXEMPTY ->
1. LIBll89559 - ST: Can't fax to PC from fax machine using mobile as a modem
2. LIBll90483 - Drv: Motmodem should parse concatenated ACM notifications
3. LIBkk95429 - Drv: Selectively enable select-config in motodrv.sys
4. LIBmm16254 - Drv: Motmodem should protect read buffer inside bulk completion routine
5. LIBmm17482 - Drv: Enable bulk transfers by endpoint number in motodrv.sys
6. LIBmm17479 - Driver installer should remove non-installed device instances
7. Workaround in motmodem.sys for Win2k UHCI crash after standby. ->
1. LIBll84386 - Z6 and V9m prevent PC from entering hibernate on XP and Vista
2. LIBll84617 - Motmodem: Preprocess some IOCTLs to avoid GetCommState() issue
3. LIBll70385 - Support M704i 640B config-11 PID
4. LIBll59940 - Motmodem should preprocess read IRPs to avoid mscomm32.ocx issue
5. LIBll85929 - Drv: ST: LBS device fails to enumerate through UTS after reset ->
1. LIBll48846 - Motmodem should do case insensitive compare to find setup GUID
2. LIBll46153 - Add 4908 as single DSP datalogging PID
3. LIBll44203 - Include D000 PID for Z8
4. LIBll44198 - Motmodem should ignore DOS symbolic link creation failure ->
1. Resolve multi-up issue with motccgp.sys. ->
1. Load bus driver for 6415/6413 PID MTP devices to enable mode switching on WMP11.
2. Add workaround for Amp’d V3m with broken P2K interface descriptors.
3. Move all internally developed drivers to one folder to reduce MSI file size.
4. End user package is 100% WHQL certified for Win2k through Vista x64 (modem/dual mode, bus, networking, P2K).
5. Include Z8 modem and P2K PIDs.
6. Workaround in modem driver for broken Electra host controller driver.
7. Include updated IC502 dual mode drivers.
8. Always remove Qualcomm USB drivers.
9. Merge USB PID from mdmiden.inf into Motmodem.inf, and remove mdmiden.inf.
10. Add 2A24 and 2A44 as diagnostic port PIDs.
11. Resolve hang while receiving inbound call after SyncML session over TAPI.
12. Motmodem/motport: resolve memory leak caused by incompatibility with QXDM.
13. Motousbnet.sys: updated to 1.8 with WHQL certification (2K/XP x86/Vista x86/XP x64/Vista x86).
14. Motccgp.sys: New driver replaces MCCI’s and Netmon composite class generic parent driver.
15. Motccgp.inf: Replaces motcomposite.inf and Netmon-MF.inf. Added RAZR1x dual mode support.
16. Motmodem.inf & motport.inf: Included RAZR1x dual mode and Netmon configuration support. This package is set up to remove Netmon files.
17. Updated driver installer exe to rescan device tree after driver update to load new drivers for connected devices if any. ->
1. Small change to Motodrv.sys to resolve missing import issue on Win2k.
2. Include RAZR1x configuration 8 PIDs and W395 bootloader in unsigned P2k.inf. ->
1. Motport.sys: USB COM port driver used for CDMA dual mode and W395 platform devices. This replaces mqdmserd.sys on dual mode.
2. Motcomposite.inf: Loads the composite class generic parent driver (usbhub.sys or usbccgp.sys) for CDMA dual mode devices, as well as config 8 for some P2K phones with broken descriptors. This replaces mqdmbus.inf, motcomp2k.inf, motcompxp.inf, and motcompxp64.inf.
3. Motodrv.inf: Certified composite class/”P2k” driver for all PIDs that were previously in p2k.inf, Motodrv.inf, and motmccip2k.inf. The unsigned “P2k.inf” will be introduced as necessary to support new devices.
4. Motmodem.inf: Smartphone modem entries were merged into this file, deprecating smartfon1.inf.
5. Motmodem.sys: Resolve hang in predial terminal window issue (or LIBkk77996).
6. Resolved “Invalid Argument” issue in the driver installer for users with non-English locales.
7. Properly clean up iDEN devices (VID 0C44) in the driver installer. ->
1. Motousbnet.sys: update to 1.7 to resolve remaining assertion failures in GNPO.
2. Motmodem.sys: new WHQLed (XP x86/Vista x86/XP x64/Vista x86) USB modem driver for all devices. This replaces: USBMOT2000/motomdm2/usbser2k/usbserxp/usbsermpt/usbsermptxp/mqdmmdm. The package is set up to remove any instances of those files that it finds.
3. Smartfon1 is now also using Motmodem.
4. Motport.sys: new USB COM port driver. This driver is not yet signed for CDMA dual mode and W395 but we are targeting the 2.7 package for this.
5. The installer executable will remove old copies of the WDF coinstaller (pre-RTM 6000 version).
6. The logic to clean up the DriverStore has been improved after a few issues with some users.
7. Add LTE config-11 interfaces for DSP logger.
8. Add a shortcut in the Driver Installer program group to disable serial number usage on all devices.
9. Clear up conflicts between different versions of motswch driver.
10. Upgrade motfilt and motswch drivers to version and pass PREfast. The former will resolve partial installation failures causing missing drivers at device installation time. ->
1. Motousbnet.sys: update to 1.3 to work around bulk timeout issue on Z6 for GNPO.
2. Installer executable: silent mode speed enhancements (remove unnecessary steps)
3. Installer executable: use latest DIFXAPI DLLs from Vista RTM WDK ->
1. Official release containing the Motorola USB Networking driver (motousbnet.sys).
2. Updated MCCI inf and drivers for V2000 and V3xx phones.
3. Updated P2k.inf for Motorola iDEN Interface.
4. Updated driver installer EXE with enhanced suppression of driver not signed warning messages in Windows XP (x86).
5. Updated driver MSI package to run driver installer EXE with elevated privileges (required for Windows Vista).
6. Updated driver MSI package to add shortcut for usblan_ifconfig.exe to user’s programs menu.
7. Changed Motorola_Driver_Installer_Log.txt location to “Program Files\Common Files\Motorola Shared\MotPCSDrivers” directory. ->
1. Include new Motousbnet.sys and remove all BLAN drivers. ->
1. Updated P2k.sys to 2.5 to resolve E815/RSD issue with fast mode switching. ->
1. Removed duplicate PIDs between Motmccip2k.inf and P2k.inf.
2. Updated x64 P2k.inf to reflect version.
3. WHQL Q MOL2 (C5e) PID support for modem (Rev_0003).
4. Removed unnecessary file copy directive from Electra host controller INF file.
5. WHQL CDMA dual mode support for 2B44 PID (MSM6125). ->
1. Updated P2k.inf with the 3021 temporary PID and WHQL configuration 11 PIDs for LTE
2. Updated with the following WHQL certifications
- QualComm 6125 Boot loader
- QualComm 6125 Composite Mode
- Q MOL2 software
3. Updated the driver installer EXE with more logging information about the target system and installed driver MSI package
4. Updated the Driver installer exe due to updating caused a driver to be removed for other configurations
5. Added Q GSM Modem and flash PIDs to smartfonnw.inf and p2k.inf
6. Updated the P2k.sys to version 2.4 for multi access issue. ->
1. Updated USBSER2k.inf and USBSERXP.inf to copy the driver files
2. Updated the P2k.inf to support V2000 Boot loader PID
3. Updated Electra M2501uc.inf to remove the Uninstaller registry reference ->
1. Updated motmccip2k.inf to support config 11 WHQL changes
2. Updated the P2k.inf and USBMot2000.inf to include unsupported PID for 3022 and 3021.
3. Updated Motdmmtp.inf to support WHQL changes
4. Updated Electra drivers to latest versions
5. Updated Netmon INFs and drivers

1. Updated driver installer executable to newest version. Removed old versions of the GUI and non GUI executables
2. Added support for CDMA ZLP issues to load modified drivers on the PC.
3. Added 64 bit support for the driver installer, INF files and for the Motorola P2K driver.
4. Added Neptune LTE ROM for the Motorola P2K driver
5. Added new IOCTL to retrieve the device descriptor of the device for the Motorola P2K driver
6. Updated with the following WHQL certifications
- Motorola Q Modem
- Motorola Q MBM
- QualComm 6550 Dual Modem Mode

1. Updated with the following WHQL certifications
- Argon/SCMA-11 Boot loader
- Argon/SCMA-11 Modem Mode
- Argon/SCMA-11 Configuration 8
- QualComm 6500 Dual Modem Mode
- QualComm 6500 Single Modem Mode

1. Updated USBMOT2000.INF for mot switch driver copying

1. Updated motodrv.inf with the following WHQL certifications
- Neptune LTE Bootloader
- Neptune LTE Configuration 8 (Composite Mode)
- QualComm 6550 Bootloader
- QualComm 6550 Configuration 8 (Composite Mode)
- QualComm 6500 Bootloader
- QualComm 6500 Configuration 8 (Composite Mode)
2. Adding common motswitch driver to devices so that there is a common switch IOCTL for all USB configurations
3. Updated P2K.sys for Electra 2 flash switch issue
4. Added Q modem INF to installation package

1. Updated motcomp2k.inf for Windows 2000
2. Updated P2K.inf with W385 and Locosto PIDs
3. Updated Installation tool to update files listed in the .ini instead of removing and reinstalling the INFs
4. Added registry entries into the installation tool to track INF directories and installation state of the INFs and drivers.
5. Added temporary support for Ve Dual mode. These are evaluation drivers and will need to be removed once the license is expired.
6. Removal of the pre installed INFs prior to installing 1.5 is mandatory. From this point on only files that are updated will need to be updated.

1. Updated the Driver installer executable to support modified End user driver packages that do not contain Motorola proprietary drivers
2. Update the MSI to include a registry entry for version information
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Motorola\Motorola Driver Installation\Version

1.1-> 1.2
1. Added LTE Modem WHQL INFs
2. MCCI and P2K INFs updated to support MTP + Datalogging modes
3. Added WHQL certified motodrv.sys and motodrv.inf for CDMA1x Composite mode
4. Added Electra PCMCIA card drivers
5. Added Commercial FOMA drivers
6. Added CDMA1x Dual mode MCCI evaluation drivers

1.0-> 1.1
1. Update P2K.sys from 2.0 to 2.1 driver

In addition, this driver is compatible with the following operating systems:
Windows 2000 SP4
Windows XP SP2 (x86)
Windows XP SP1 (x64)
Windows Vista (x86)
Windows Vista (x64)


Anonymous said...

I found the USB drivers here too, no login required:

Ken Hanscom said...

Awesome find! Thanks for the link.