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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Remote Desktop Control+Alt+End = Control+Alt+Delete (RDP)

This might be my all-time shortest post ever. This post rose out of my use of multiple virtualized environments the past few weeks. It seemed that when I was setting up a virtual machine (VMWare, Hyper-V, Virtual PC / Server), I would at some point get my mouse pointer stuck within a Virtual Machine through a machine I was accessing through Remote Desktop.

Obviously, the standard Control + Alt + Delete (Ctrl+Alt+Del) keystroke would not work in the Remote Desktop (RDP) environment. How could I escape the machine I was in without rebooting it?

The answer was pretty simple, in a Windows Remote Desktop / RDP session, use the Control + Alt + End (Ctrl+Alt+End) keystroke to execute the Control + Alt + Delete and release the mouse pointer from being captured in the remote screen until you get those all important Hyper-V Integration Tools or VMWare Tools / Additions installed on your VM!