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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fixed! Windows Activation Error 0x8007232b in Vista / 2008

How about some Sunday afternoon fun with Windows Activation?

This afternoon as I was building out a Windows Vista Business Virtual Machine on VMWare for an license that I had sitting around. As with any Microsoft Operating system these days -- the operating system itself needs to be activated within 30 days. I figured while I was building it -- there was no better time to do the Windows Activation.

However, I ran into a couple of "minor" issues.

After finding the basic Windows Activation screen, I went ahead and tried to start the process to enter my license and Activate Windows Vista Business.
Encountering Error 0x8007232b during Windows Vista Activation -- how to fix

The Activation Wizard started up and asked me if I wanted to activate Windows Vista or do it at a later time. After clicking on Windows Vista Activation, permission was requested from Windows elevation -- of which I approved and the process continued. After about 10 seconds, an error message came back as "Windows Activation Failed" along with the error message code of 0x8007232b.

I took a look at the Event Viewer in the Application Logs to see if there was additional information.
Windows Activation Error Message 0x8007232b Event Viewer Log
The actual error text from the Windows Event Viewer was:
Log Name: Application
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Security-Licensing-SLC
Date: 9/21/2008 6:15:10 PM
Event ID: 8196
Task Category: None
Level: Information
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: VistaBusiness32
License Activation Scheduler (SLUINotify.dll) was not able to automatically activate. Error code:

After some additional research, and several inferences of different types of possible issues -- it appears to either be an issue with the Product ID, DNS, or even perhaps a MAK / KMS Host. Regardless, there was a pretty easy solution to fix the problem.

All you need to do is go to Start --> Control Panel --> System. Then scroll down to the bottom where it says "Windows Activation" -- in many cases it will show your grace period (30 days) and the next attempt for automatic activation (3 days). All you need to do is click on the "Change Product Key" link which requires elevation. Then enter your valid licensed product key and the product activation will complete successfully. See the image below for the positive outcome in my case.

Windows Activation successful after 0x8007232b error message

Now your Windows Vista system has been successfully activated. This may be a common problem that would impact Windows Vista Home, Windows Vista Premium, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Ultimate, and Windows Vista Business -- both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) versions. (Update: This also impacts the following Windows 2008 Server editions -- so don't check those DNS zone files: Windows Web Server 2008, Windows HPC Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 Standard, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, Windows Server 2008 Datacenter).

Please let me know with a comment if this helped!


Anonymous said...

Worked a treat thanks. Glad I found and followed this before going off at a tangent.

Anonymous said...

Worked for me as well on a 64-bit Windows 2008 standard server. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great! With manual activation W2K8 working properly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info!

(I wish I'd found it a couple of days ago...!)

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU. I was going nuts thinking that my key wasn't valid, and came across a few other posts that recommended bizarre steps to resolve the issue.

Worked like a charm.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great help, have been trying to get this working since a week, works wonderfully and painlessly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! This was exactly what I needed to find. We were wondering why our new server hadn't hasseled us about activation or a key!

Anonymous said...

Perfect. Thanks a ton.

Brenda Malone said...

Thank you SO VERY much. Worked perfectly on my Toshiba Satellite L45. I HAD to install a clean OS, and NOT the one imaged from Toshiba which contained the Microsoft Office Trial 2007 which WOULD NOT uninstall and let me put on Office Pro 2007. Of course I am in the process of downloading all of the drivers, but eh-- at least I got rid of the farking Windows Office TRIAL.

Lee said...

Worked like a charm on Windows Server 2008. Thanks!

jabsy said...

Thanks a million. Worked fine on a Toshiba U300 with a new hdd and no recovery cd...

Anonymous said...

Worked great! THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I was going nuts trying to find out why my Terminal Servers would not accept any session connections.

Anonymous said...

server 2008 enterprise: works temporarily until we try to run windows updates. all updates fail. then, we have to re-activate.