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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blu-Ray: 2 Playstation 3’s PS3 For You!

Recently I noticed that 90% of the movies currently in my Blockbuster DVD Rental movie queue are Blu-Ray. That is a huge difference from just 9 months ago when the number was closer to 20%. With that huge increase, the importance of a Blu-Ray player is really emphasized. Already owning a Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) system, the built in Blu-Ray DVD capability was a huge benefit – and part of the original reason I purchased it.

Two PS3 Solution for Blu-Ray DVD Players
But now I had a new problem. Generally, we watch a large portion of our rental movies downstairs on our “home entertainment” system. However, sometimes we will watch them upstairs. With this shift in Blu-Ray availability and only one Blu-Ray player in the house – we could not watch movies upstairs, even if we wanted to.

Once again, the search for a Blu-Ray player began. After checking out the normal sites and places, I realized that there was still very little difference between the price of a Playstation 3 and a standard Blu-Ray player. This of course brought me quickly to the conclusion that I needed a second Playstation 3 for a number of reasons.

First off, I have to mention I have no idea why anyone would purchase a Blu-Ray player over a Playstation 3 system. Once you understand the benefits of the Playstation 3’s Blu-Ray player, it is a hard justification to make for any other options.

Why? The biggest reason is future compatibility with any standard – sound or video. Sony frequently provides updates to the Playstation 3 systems over the Internet automatically. Already, there have been several additional sound / video formats available through these updates. That means that as adoption of Blu-Ray continues and new enhancements come out – you are protected from having to replace the Blu-Ray player. That is hard to beat!

The other key reason is versatility. Yes, the Playstation 3 is a gaming system. No question about that. But other than movies, you can browse the Internet, look at photos, stream your iTunes and other music to it, among other features. When you add that to the Blu-Ray DVD movie capabilities – it is practically an all-in-one home entertainment system.

With those reasons in hand, I made the decision to get another PS3 rather than a standard Blu-Ray player. When you look at the reason – and are in the same position as me, I bet you will likely make the same decision.

I also helps with Microsoft is offering 30% off of Playstation 3 (link here), making my purchase prices less than $300!


Tim W. said...

FYI, cashback is not only 25%, not 30% anymore.

Ken Hanscom said...

Tim, you're right -- it keeps changing -- hopefully Live Cashback will be back to 30% soon and not drop to 20% or lower!


Treasures By Brenda said...

Yours is a great discussion about the PlayStation. I did not realize the future compatibility issue. It is really telling that you are choosing the PlayStation again.

I have written a page about the PlayStation 3 for beginners (like myself) I would welcome your comments. I am going to add your points about future compatibility and a link to your review.

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