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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Get 30% Off Any eBay Purchase - Microsoft Cashback Primes Economy

It appears that Microsoft is doing its fair share of work to pump our economy full of money. Back in June; Microsoft, eBay, and Paypal introduce Cashback for purchases on eBay that ranged between 8-30%. While some got in on the 30% deal, the majority of folks ended up with purchases in the 10-20% off range when you buy something on eBay through a Buy-it-Now.

Well, for those of you needing to buy anything of a larger value (in the $600-800+ range), Microsoft Live Cashback has brought back the 30% cashback on any eBay Buy-it-Now purchase through eBay and it has been active since Thursday. By searching on for terms such as "Cheap iPod" (link here) and clicking through on the link that states 30% off at eBay -- you'll get 30% off, up to $200 on your purchase. The only catch is that it takes about 74 days to reach you -- 60 for it to be available and then another 14 for it to reach you via PayPal.

Still, if you are looking into some larger dollar items -- it is a great deal! I picked up an new Canon L lens -- I just could not resist!