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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma!

Early Saturday morning, Ashley and I headed down to the Banning / Cherry Valley area for a surprise birthday party for Ashley's Grandma. The party had been in the works for several months with Ashley and her Aunt Carol putting the plans together. On our way out, we had a planned stop at my favorite store, Costco -- to pick up some of the food and snacks for the party. Thanks to Costco's 15-minute early opening, we were able to get the food to Aunt Carol's house and head over to Grandma and Grandpa's without detection.

Grandma knew there was going to be a "party", but she thought it was going to be a small, family BBQ rather than a party of 40+ family and friends coming from as far away as the Sacramento area. Our job was to drive Grandma and Grandpa over at 2:00pm, just in time for the start. We were able to keep it a secret until we pulled into Carol's driveway and grandma stated -- "What did you guys do?" We simply smiled and the party began.

Below are a few of the photos from the grand occasion...

Grandma gets out of our vehicle and is greeted by Ashley's dad (son-in-law) Phil as she is surprised by the rest of the guests.

Phil chats with friends Chris and Frank while enjoying some snacks and party foods.

Friends Dan and Debbie (left, and breeders of our Chocolate Lab Luey) and Grandpa Jim, right pose for a quick snapshot.

Grandson Hunter tosses the football in the backyard.

Grandma blows out the candles on her 80th birthday while getting help from great-grandson's Nick & Ryan.

Great grandson Nick catches the football.

Great grandchildren Megan and Ryan pose for a quick photo.

Frank, Carol, and Debbie watch while grandma looks through her special 80-year photo album that was a gift from all the family and friends.

Grandson David and wife Dianna watch Grandma look through her new album.

Grandpa Jim watches the festivities.

Ashley poses with her grandma as the gifts are opened.