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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

iPod: Out with the Old, In with the New

New 7th generation iPod that is. With the “free money” available from and PayPal as part of the cash back promotion – I decided to replace my 4th generation iPod photo with the latest and greatest from Apple.

The new 7th Generation iPod Classic 120GB in Black
As a result, several of my friends and co-workers will no longer be able to make fun of my iPod. It was common to hear comments like – “When did you get that iPod, 1995?, “How much does that thing way?”, “Will that even fit in your carry-on?”. My common response had become, at least it was a 60GB version. That was usually met with laughter.

However, social acceptance was not the key reason for the upgrade. An extended set of features, higher quality screen, and 120GB of space were very compelling at a price point less than $200 with cash back added in. Plus, features like better pictures, TV shows, movies, and videos made for a compelling argument.

Replacing my old 4th Generation iPod Photo with a 7th Generation iPod Classic 120GB
Why not the iPod touch? Primarily, for me – it was about the amount of space. Maxing out at 32GB was simply not enough space for my music – forget about video. Since I record all of my music in > 160 with VBR for sound quality reasons – space is a premium. That made an updated version of the iPod Classic an easy choice for me.

The craziest surprise of all was when I put the 4th gen iPod Photo on eBay. With the 60GB of space, all original boxes and receipt – it fetched just about $110. That meant that the upgrade itself was only $70 with the cash back consideration. An absolute no-brainer!


particle said...

Congrats dood!