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Friday, November 28, 2008

Hidden Mickey: Disneyland: New Orleans Square: Haunted Mansion Holiday: Snow

We have a new Hidden Mickey to report for November, 2008 in the Haunted Mansion area of Disneyland! We located today on our latest visit to Disneyland for the Thanksgiving weekend.

As you may have read in an earlier post, there is a very well known Hidden Mickey in the Haunted Mansion in the dining hall. However, when Jack Skellington and his not-so-frightfull friends show up and deck the halls at the Haunted Mansion Holiday, it goes away. In past years, there had not been any Hidden Mickeys.

And then there was this year. Ashley and I rode the Haunted Manison Holiday ride as one of the first rides of the day as we knocked out Adventureland and Frontierland in the early-day-after-Thanksgiving emptiness at the Disneyland Anaheim Resort Park.

We were enjoying the ride and all of the changes made for this Christmas season when we entered the Dining Hall once again and there it was. I fumbled for my camera and could only manage the shot below...

Hidden Mickey Disneyland at Haunted Mansion Holiday in the Dining Room Snow
If you look close by the arrow, you will notice that there is a Hidden Mickey made in the snow on the floor of the Dining Hall, right next to where the pile of snow and gifts has come in. A great and new Hidden Mickey in the Haunted Mansion!

Did you find this Hidden Mickey? If so, let me know with a comment!