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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blackberry: App Error 523 Reset Issue

I disconnected my Blackberry from the USB Connection on my laptop where it was charging and saw a “funny” message. The only reason it was funny was because I had never seen it before.

app error 523

Ok, I click on the reset link and noticed that my Blackberry started the 5 minute restart process. Since I had not seen the message before, I did a quick Google search since I had recently upgraded the device os on the handset to v4.5.

It appears that it is a more common error than I anticipated and can have some pretty nasty side effects ( Additionally, it can be more common the on the updated Blackberry devices like the Blackberry Storm and the Blackberry Bold – newer operating systems, like I just upgraded my Blackberry to.

These are the most common conditions that can cause the issue:
The device is locked
Content protection is enabled
The 'today' theme is enabled
A mms message is received.

For most, it appears that it is due to a theme (today or otherwise), so if you started getting this error after adding a new theme – I’d recommend removing it ASAP. If that does not work for you, a couple of recommended fixes from RIM include wiping your device to remove any bad or corrupted data (how to here: or using their java loader utility and executing the command “javaloader -u wipe” which is another way to wipe the device if you cannot get back into it.

All that help aside, my device rebooted without issue – in fact it has the first two conditions – the device was locked and content protection is always enabled. Having one issue in a couple of weeks is not a big deal – although I will be on the lookout for more occurrences of the app error 523 reset message!

Are you getting the error? Let me know how you fixed it!


jweck said...

Hi Ken,

I've fixed APP Error 523 problems with JL_CMDER in the past:

simply wipe the firmware with the tool and restore it by utilizing the apploader.exe


Ken Hanscom said...

Hi Jan.

That looks like a good solution, but I think it is important to let users know it is not the *only* solution. Completely wiping the firmware and reloading it can be time-consuming, a real pain -- especially if it is an enterprise (BES) enabled device. I would recommend trying the *simple* fixes first (themes, MMS, etc.) and then progressing to the wipe utilities only after those have been completely exhausted.

Thanks for the comment!


Anonymous said...

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader erase all xml documents then plug in phone open desktop manager go to update search then erase all application everything then wait for 30 min and you have new phone when you start desktop man try to get started doing as much as you can before security verify s software that you beat the error screen