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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Blackberry: How to Remove Multiple Calendars in v4.5

Last weekend, I was finally able to upgrade my Blackberry 8800 to the latest and greatest version of the Blackberry device OS, v4.5 (click here to see how) from RIM. While AT&T still does not completely support this version, it has made a big difference for me.

Most of the problems that I was having with my previous version of the operating system have pretty much gone away for me. No more sluggish behavior, no more locking, no more resetting due to the GPS freezing, the list goes on and on. Also, with the new fonts and HTML based email -- the overall experience was greatly improved.

However, I ran into one problem I had not seen before.

When I went to the "view" my calendars on my device, I noticed that there were now 4 of them listed and displayed on the screen, in their corresponding set colors. This may be nice for some applications, but in my case, the exact same schedule was repeated over and over again in each one. What made it a little more painful is that each time I hit the the calendar application, I received the "Organizing Calendar" screen, pausing the application for 5-10 seconds while it organized the duplicate calendars.

There appeared to be an easy work-around for the issue, if you click on your menu key and go to the Select Calendar option, I has several options:

1. Show All Calendars
2. Desktop
3. Device Default
4. etc.
Rather than showing All Calendars, I selected Desktop and the problem went away. However, on several occassions I noticed (perhaps as a result of connectivity to an Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES)) that it would revert to the All Calendars option. I needed to find a different way.

After some research I learned that with the new version of the device OS (v4.5), there are new service books that are sent down for every email or service that you setup. Since I had setup multiple email addresses to come to my Blackberry -- it meant that I had a Calendar service book for every single one of them. Now the trick was to remove the ones I did not want in order to get the Calendar squared away.

Here's what I did.
1. I browsed to Options --> Advanced Options --> Applications --> Service Book
2. Since the CICAL entries are the calendar entries, I found the entry that looked like [CICAL]
3. I made sure that was one of the Calendar service books I wanted to delete.
4. I hit the menu key and selected delete.
5. I confirmed the service book entry was removed from the device.
6. I confirmed that the calendar for the service book was deleted from my calendar along with all of the associated entries.
7. I repeated the process for all the other calendars I no longer wanted.
And like that, I was back down to a single calendar from the Blackberry Enterprise Server -- the main calendar I wanted. The good news is that if in the future if I want the other calendars, all I need to do is long into the AT&T Blackberry Web Client and re-send all the service books.

If you need to get rid of multiple calendars on your Blackberry, this should do it for you. If it worked, let me know with a comment!


Cam said...

Worked like a charm by deleting the CICAL books.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys same issue and you saved me lots of precious sleeping time!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, you have NO idea how long I searched for this... I just got a Storm and it's been driving me absolutely MAD. Thank you so much for this tip!!

Jennifer said...

This was a helpful start and I have now deleted 3 calendars from my Curve. However, now all of a sudden a "Default" calendar is showing in the calendar view... The number of entries differs slightly between my the calendar associated with my Gmail account and the device default calendar. I just want 1 calendar!!! Any other suggestions?

Ken Hanscom said...

Hi Jen. This appears to be a side effect of the newer versions, however you can hide the default calendar. Here's how you do it:

Go to Calendar

Hit the menu, choose Select Calendar.

Then choose the Calendar you want rather than the Show All Calendars selection.


Jennifer said...

Thanks, Ken. I am just finding it frustrating that every time I go back to the calendar I have to choose to hide the default calendar. Any idea if the problem comes from the device or from the desktop manager? Would reverting to an older version eradicate this problem or just create more??? I am about ready to manually cross reference my device with Outlook and erase the calendar in my device and re-synch from scratch.

Russellion said...

Hi there,

I have pearl flip 8220, and I can't follow your instructions, good as they are, because when I go into Options -> Advanced Options -> Applications, there is no "Service Book" section.

There is an "Email Setup Application," which I imagine might have something to do with setting up a calendar for every e-mail address, but it doesn't seem to help for deleting specific calendars.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Raleigh said...

Thanks. This provided enough tips to allow me to converge back to a single calendar. I'm sure someone thought multiple calendars was a good idea but having them "just show up" wasn't the best plan to deploy the new features. I'm only one person and, therefore, can only be in one place at a time.

Anonymous said...

The dafault calendar appears when you have appointments that are linked to a calendar that no longer exists. So if for example I deleted a CICAL for a calendar called "work" all the entries on the work calendar would now appear in the "default" calendar. The way round this is to remove all the entries in the default calendar and when they're all gone this calendar will no longer show.

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you! This was so helpful - much more so than the Blackberry support at Verizon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this was a HUGE help!!

Anonymous said...

I have a curve and it shows 2 calendars. However when I look at the service book I only have one CICAL. I don't want to delete it as its the only one, which may get rid of the calendar all together.
Currently I have to hide the old and mostly empty calendar everytime I restart etc.

Barbara T said...

Ok, I am having a similar that my computer has decided to upgrade me to v5.0 of BlackBerry Desktop Mgr---I have 2 calendars!! One is "Default" and has no email attached to it. Other is my verizon email acct.

I haven't synced in a while because I was having other issues---email deletion not working from phone to laptop---so my phone is more up to date than the computer. When I sync, nothing in the Default calendar is updated or deleted & the vz email one syncs just fine. HELP!! I want to delete the vz email and return to the default one!! How??

by the way---my email address has NOT changed.


(of course, Vz told me that I had to manually delete all in the Default cal and move them to the new vz cal. right! for 1.5 yrs worth of info??? they are crazy!!)

Scott said...

This seems to compliment what ya'll are saying here:

Anonymous said...

You are wonderful! Step by step directions that I could follow!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for saving me what was close to becoming quite the headache.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I have had this problem for months and it was driving me crazy! This worked like a charm! Thanks again.

Graewulf said...

Thank you for posting this. I have been searching for this solution for nearly a year now since I got my Bold 9000. Why anyone would want to maintain multiple calendars is beyond me. One calendar is the only way to keep it all straight anyway. Since I use funambol to sync with memotoo, this was a major headache because inevitably i'd make an appointment in a calendar other than the default (I had 6 of them) and then schedule something else for the same time slot on the desktop.

Anonymous said...

This worked perfectly on my blackberry storm1, except you go to options, advanced options, service books. Thanks so much.

karasho said...

Same as anonymous, works perfectly but correct way is options - advanced options -service books. Thanks

Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!! I, too, have been searching for a LONG time, a solution to this problem and it was so easy. Your instructions were GREAT! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant - sorted out problems that I have had for nearly a year.

Anonymous said...

For some reason Facebook had created a calendar for me, well wasn't too pleased about that for privacy reasons. This worked wonders for me though! Was amazed it turned out to be that simple too. Thanks!