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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Everything is Roses for New Years Day 2009!

Exciting news, we will be spending our entire New Years Day in Pasadena, California -- for the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl festivities. And it will be a case of firsts for both Ashley and I.

For Ashley, it will be her first time to the Rose Bowl itself as well her first Rose Bowl game. (I had the privilege of attending the famous 2006 Rose Bowl)

2009 Rose Bowl Game featuring USC Trojans and Penn State Nittany Lions
For me, it will be my first time attending the Rose Parade. I have had the opportunity to view the floats after the parade at the float showcase, but never the Rose Parade.

2009 Rose Parade with Pepperine's Alumni Association
First for the parade, we will be joining our alma matter’s (Pepperdine University) alumni association for the Rose Parade event ( itself. Our section in the stands is towards the end of the parade route – near Sierra Madre and we are expecting the floats to start going by around 9:20am or so. That still means that we will need to get there pretty early because of traffic. Luckily breakfast will be served.

Then, I happened to fall into some Rose Bowl tickets on Stubhub this week to see the USC Trojans take on the Penn State Nittany Lions in a traditional PAC-10 vs. BIG-10 matchup. Regardless of my feelings about the BCS matchups this year, it is sure to be fun.

I say “fell” into them because I had been trying to get tickets for this year’s Rose Bowl through the publicly available method (Ticketmaster) unsuccessfully at the $145 face value price because I thought it would be fun to attend both events from the Tournament of Roses in the same day. However, despite logging on right at the time of sale, I was shut out of the tickets.

As I naturally do, I then focused my attention over to Stubhub to see if there were any other opportunities to pick up tickets. Still, they were on the order of $200+ each for super high seats in rows above 80. I figured I would pass this year.

Then over this past weekend, I decided to check out Stubhub and found a set of tickets for $120 each in the end zone at a perfect viewing row of 50. Even if that happens to be in the middle of the Penn State alumni section. :-) For $25 below face value, I could not pass and I snapped them up quickly.

Now we get to attend both events on the same day. Both fun and tiring!

We are still trying to figure out how the timing will work – with the parade ending shortly after 11:00am and the football game starting at 1:30pm, we are really going to need to move to get over there!

Are you going to be around or at the 2009 Rose Bowl or Rose Parade on January 1st? Let me know and maybe we will meet up! Otherwise, I am sure I will be taking plenty of pictures!