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Friday, December 05, 2008

Fixed! Green Line on 1080i with Verizon FiOS IMG

It only took Verizon FiOS a year, but they finally fixed it. As I reported back in November, 2007 -- there was a bug in the Verizon FiOS HD DVR (Motorola QUIP6416-2 HD/DVR) software that caused a green line to appear on the right hand of the screen when running in the 1080i resolution mode.

The only way to "fix" it without manipulating your screen was to change the resolution to 720p from 1080i -- hard to have a high definition picture without at least 1080i. Then initial word I received from Verizon was that it would happen in whatever the next release of IMG (Interactive Media Guide) that Verizon launched. However, release after release the problem was never fixed.

Recently, for Southern California the channel lineup changed back in November and apparently unannouced, there were a number of changes. These changes (thanks to the comment of an Anonymous comment) included a fix to the IMG system that corrected the green line problem for LCD and Plasma televisions!

If you are running Verizon FiOS TV, then I recommend adjusting your settings ASAP and start enjoying the 1080i picture without the annoying green line. Thanks Verizon, I thought this day would never come!

For any of those interested in the details of the upgrade, here they are:
Release 1.6.0
Build 06.89
Data Object Version Number 06.89