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Monday, December 29, 2008

Fixed! Guitar Hero Mic Won't Work!

Following up with my post yesterday on my minor struggles with getting the Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Set to sync with my PlayStation 3 system -- I also briefly encountered a couple of problem issues in setting up the microphone to work with my PS3 system.

Guitar Hero World Tour Microphone Mic has sync problems where you can't cannot won't will not connect to the Playstation 3 PS3 or Nintendo Wii
(In addition, after experiencing my issue and doing a little searching -- I noticed that a lot of Nintendo Wii users are having issues with the Microphone setup and synchronization with a Wii Remote. Please scroll to the bottom for Wii specific tips.)

When I was initially in-game with the Guitar Hero World Tour playing with the wireless Guitar controller and I wanted to put in the microphone. So, I attached the Microphone to my first USB controller port on my Playstation 3. It did not work -- I still got the problem message:

You must connect a microphone to continue.

I tried a couple more USB ports and still I had no luck.

What I did next was that I shut off the PlayStation 3 and hoped that would resolve it. I then turned the PS3 back on and used the Wireless SIXAXIS controller to get to the main menu. The Guitar Hero World Tour game then recognized my microphone and I was able to play.

The keys here were:

#1 Connecting the microphone while the game was not playing and the PlayStation 3 was turned off.
#2 Using the wireless SIXAXIS controller to start up the game.

Hopefully that works for you!

For Nintendo Wii Users
For Guitar Hero World Tour for the Nintendo Wii you need have a Wii Remote Controller(Wiimote) for each of the devices and specifically for the Guitar Hero Microphone. Without the third controller, then the microphone will not work. If you need another Wii Remote please click on this linkto purchase one from

If you have the three controllers, please proceed with these instructions in order to get the Microphone to work on the Nintendo Wii version of Guitar Hero World Tour:

This post is one of several on how to fix problems with your Nintendo Wii. To see the entire list, click here for the Nintendo Wii Repair Guide.

1. Turn off the Nintendo Wii completely.
2. Plug-in your microphone controller into the USB slot on the back of the Nintendo Wii.
3. Now turn on the Nintendo Wii system
4. Start up the Guitar Hero World Tour game using the Nintendo Wii Remote with nothing else connected or synced including a nunchuck, guitar, or drum set.
5. Use that unconnected Nintendo Wii Remote to navigate through the menus.
6. Test it by going to practice and choosing vocals. You now should be able to use your microphone successfully!

For more information, you can check out Red Octane / Activision's web site (link here) -- however, be advised that most of the answers are not helpful and point you back at the manual which does not have great detail. :-)

Did either of these solutions help you out? Please let me know with a comment!


Anonymous said...

im really glad that i found this site because hopefully now i can connect this microphone and play with it on guitar hero. just wanted to say that im another person with microphone trouble

Anonymous said...

I just used the instructions posted above with no results.

The Wii 'sees' my USB mic (it came with GHWT) because if you unplug it during the song, it stops and warns me that the mic is disconnected.

I think I have a defective mic because it works the first day or two and just stopped working.

I come to this conclusion because the drums have a defect when I first bought the game and had to take it back to the store to replace the entire game. Seems like there are some quality control issues with the manufacturer of the game equipment.

Thanks for the tip however, at least it gave me an option to try!

Anonymous said...

well i can scream in ti during the song and nothing hapens

Anonymous said...

This was totally helpful...i havnt tried it yet but thanksz :] YOU ROCK!!!! (( clueless with all the names of the controllers so whatsz the SIXAXIS wireless controler??)) thnx =^-^=

Anonymous said...

I tried everything to get the guitar hero mic to work with no results. then my wii stopped loading other games completely such as wii sports, so swapped it for a new wii console... I used my mic once after finally getting it recognized but since then I have not managed to get it to work and now wii Sports and other games wont load!!! Im really annoyed at my guitar hero mic for doing that!!!

Anonymous said...

I've tried everything for Guitar Hero Wii. Nothing works for me...sad.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the GREAT info!! I just rocked out to 3 songs and sang all the way through them thanks to your help!! SUPER!!!!

jm4896 said...

ok, i am gonna try it. my mike does not work and i just realized how widespread the issue is.

Anonymous said...

This worked for us! Thanks so much...for some reason the box didn't come with directions for the mike...

Anonymous said...

ive tried this but my ps3 still does not recognize my microphone and i cant exchange it cause it has no serial number

Myles said...

I have 2 mics that don't work, that can t be right.

this works on band hero and should work on guitar hero.

Ok what you gotta do is this:

1. start everything up and go to where you select your instrument/person

2. When you've selected all that, go down to options, then select mic check and then you've got it! it's that easy!!!

Anonymous said...

I have already the guitar and the game but no micro.
I want to buy one separately, but which one ?
Because the logitech one is not sold anymore for Wii... :-(
Is the logitech for PS3 or XBox360 working with the Wii ?
Or is there another one ?
Thanks for your answer

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. It worked. My daughter is singing as we speak. We have been through 2 mics that did not work. We were very disappointed. Thanks to you we are singing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!!! It worked!!!

(stupid nintendo... dedicated remote for mic... idiotos)

Anonymous said...

PLEASE.....I've done everything to try and get my wii to recognize my guitar hero world tour mic......I've read all the posts and tried everything!! Any ideas???