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Monday, January 12, 2009

Am I a Mac now?

I thought this day would never come, but it has.

All through high school and college I considered the Apple Macintosh computers to simple toys, just used for education and graphics. No serious programmer or business person would really use a Mac full time. In fact, most software was not even available for the Macintosh only on PCs.

But, over the past several years -- my opinion has slowly changed. First it was working in the web development world building e-commerce sites and using heavy graphics and I worked closely with a number of Mac users. Still, that was back in the days when you needed a tool like DataViz to transfer files between machines and PC users struggled with Stuff-It vs. Winzip.

Then OS X in 2001 and I thought it was pretty neat. Still, corporate adoption of Mac computers was still seriously lacking -- and frankly unusable. And as I moved more into the Linux / Unix world, the FreeBSD underpinnings became more appealing. Pair that up with the great usability and ease with the iPhone and iPod -- and I had to seriously consider.

And when the MacBook Air came out -- I wanted one. I just could not justify the price. So for the better part of the last year I have considered the MacBook, the MacBook Pro, a Mac Pro, and the Mac Mini. I had not really thought abou the iMac since I already had a 24" widescreen LCD that I am pretty happy with. But, in the end -- could I really justify having three machines -- I did not need the Mac for anything other than to toy with. (There is some fun in that, right?)

But, this past weekend -- I finally took the plunge.


Well, I have been messing with Ruby (and still have work to publish) and I wanted to do some iPhone native application development. That meant I needed to have the iPhone SDK -- which the current version only runs on Leopard (10.5.5 or higher). I first looked into running it in a virtual environment on VMWare, but apparently it is neither easy nor legal.

What did I end up with?

I decided to put my toe in the water so to say and I purchased a Mac Mini. I ended up with 1.83Ghz combo drive:

- 1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
- 1GB memory 1GB memory
- 80GB hard drive

My new Mac Mini.My new Mac Mini.

I guess this means I am a Mac now, rather than a PC. Although I still have two other PCs. My guess, I'll get rid of my Windows Vista desktop and just rely on my Windows Server 2008 machine and my Mac Mini. Plus, I'll probably use less energy!


Tim W. said...

Maybe you should add Windows 7 Beta to your Vista machine and play around with that. Being that M$ has offered it up for free with no limit through Jan 21st, it seems to be a no brainer. You can experiment with OS X and Win7 at the same time. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it anyways. Everything I've heard is that it is better than Vista by far and even better than XP in its current form.

particle said...

Hah! Nice job KDogg. I got sucked into Macs by my designers a couple years ago, haven't really looked back. I do need to make my machine dual-boot though, primarily for IE7-dependent web apps. -JR