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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Annual Summary, Statistics and What's Ahead

2009 is already here, boy did 2008 sure did go by quickly!

As we exit 2008, it is time a quick annual update to the SomeLife Blog. 2008 was an awesome year for both the content and the site, so here is the summary and statistics for the year. The total traffic to the site blew away all expectations that I had, which makes me very excited for 2009!

First at the high level, comparing 2008 to 2007.
SomeLife Blog traffic statistics for 2008.

- 1.186M visitors came to the SomeLifeBlog site in 2008 vs. 500k in 2007, an increase of 133%
- Thanks to a great December, the biggest month over month increase for 2008 was 20% between November and December 2008, primarily driven by traffic in the last 8 days of the year which has sustained itself into 2009.
- 86% of the traffic to the site is driven by search engines, 87% of that is from Google. Which in effect, means that Google Search alone is responsible for roughly 75% of the total traffic to the site. Wow, I guess paying to be added to the Yahoo! directory did not help much. :-)
- Internet Explorer (55%) and FireFox (37%) still have the lions share of the browser eyeballs, but Chrome (1%) is already making a dent. In fact, it was already 3% in December 2008!
- 70% of visits are from the US, followed by the Canada (7%) and the UK (7%)

The top 5 posts from 2008 were:
1. The Nintendo Repair Guide
2. The RAZR Guide
3. How to Sync the Wii Balance Board
4. How to Install RAZR Themes and Skins
5. How to Install Games on Your Blackberry

And the good news is that heading into 2009, the traffic is keeping at those unbelievably high rates that ended the year -- so I am hopeful that the site can continue the upward trend in 2009. Looking ahead to 2009, here are a few things I am considering.

Site Split Into Categories
I realize that the mix of photos, family, technology, photography, and other subjects are mainly what I am interested in rather than what everyone else is interested in. That is a huge reason why given the traffic to the site that the RSS readership is so low. (~250 or so)

During the month of January, look for each main focus area (such as the Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, RAZR, Family) to have it's own header post as an index with it's own RSS feed so that you can keep up to date on postings in the areas that interest you. You can still subscribe to everything if you want to as well!

Newer, Updated Design
I have been talking about a site redesign for a long time. But because of the difficulty of migrating all the custom items in the blogger platform to another design, I have been avoiding it. However, recently with the new Daily Jokes site I created -- it was really, really easy to put in a new more current 3 or 4 column design. My goal is to have this done by the end of March.

Finally, an about SomeLfie Blog Post
An Achilles heel to say the least. I have been trying to write an "About SLB" post for the better part of the year that has gone through 4 drafts that I was not too happy about. But, on my 5th draft now -- I am simply going to post it -- probably in the next week or so.

2008 was a great year and I am really looking forward to 2009. I hope you are as well, thanks for reading!