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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BMW - Sliding/Tilt Sunroof Anti-Trap Function

I turned on my BMW M3 today and weird image showed up in my console display. At first, I thought it was the hood of the car -- which kind of made sense. I had just jump-started my Audi A4 (long story) and perhaps I missed closing the hood all of the way.

Nope. That was not it.

I took another look at the icon, and then in my i-Drive pane, I see the message:

Anti-trap function deactivated

Say what? What was the anit-trip function in the first place?

I then went into the system messages and I received a little more information:
Sliding/tile sunroof
Anti-trap function deactivated.
Have the system checked by the nearest BMW center.

Sliding/tile sunroof. Anti-trap function deactivated. Have the system checked by the nearest BMW center.

Ok, that icon now made a little more sense. But, ugh -- did I really need to go to the BMW center for this? I tried the sunroof, and it was jerky -- none of the one-touch buttons worked to either open, close or tilt the sunroof on the car. However, I had not used it in a few days -- leaving me a little curious about the cause.

But, then I found out what the fix was in my case. The anti-trap function for the sunroof needed to be reset.

How do you reset it? Luckily, it is easy.

All you need to do is push in the sliding sunroof button in and hold it for approximately 60 seconds. After holding for 15-20 seconds, the sunroof will start cycling through all the functions and then completes the reset once the sunroof closes. Release the button and then the anti-trap function has been reset.

Whew, that was a close one. The technology is great, but the false alarms are not quite as exciting.

On a similar note, apparently this can occur with power windows, possibly with the message "Power windows anti-trap function deactivated." If you encounter this message perform the following on the desired window:
- Start in the fully up or down position
- Either close or open the window all the way holding the button and hold for 5 seocnds after the action completes.
- Then reverse the action in the same manner and complete by holding the window button for an additional 5 seconds after the action complete

The window should now be repaired. If you're having either problem, hopefully this post helped you out. Good luck!


Jchip said...

Hey Great, just happened to me. Thanks for the fix!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just happend to me to, and i fixed it!You have first start the engine! Tnx a lot!

Eric said...

just happened to me as well today. thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Worked as advertised. Thanks a lot.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. Now my sunroof on my 335i work again.:D

Sonja B said...

Thanks so much...Worked for me...Saved me a trip to the dealership...AGAIN....

Anonymous said...

Thanks it works for me!
gr. from Belgium

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. Worked like a charm!

Anonymous said...

It happened to me a while back as well. Thanks for saving me a trip to the dealer. =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the tip. It worked great and no trip to the dealer! Yea!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info! that helped! phew

Kenn said...

Worked like a charm! Thank you for saving me from frustration and time and money wasted.

Unknown said...

Thank you worked on my 2013 535i f10 msport. Awesome

King TitoEddy said...

Worked on my 2013 bmw 535i f10 msport

Sofee said...

Thanks for posting this! Worked perfectly and restored my sunroof to working order!!

Unknown said...


David Lovatt said...

Thanks this relieved some stress after only having the second hand BMW for 3 months.
Much happier owner :)