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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fixed iPhoto ’09 Faces Crashes When Clicking On It

The Faces feature in iLife’s iPhoto ’09 is a cool idea – taking the Facebook tagging concept – but goodness is it buggy. One has to wonder whether or not Apple just rushed to get it to market to be the first “photo management” software to include this feature.

After tagging a number of faces and several hundred photos, the Faces portion of the iPhoto application crashes every time I try to access it. I click on the face, the beach ball spins for 3-5 seconds and the application disappears and the crash notice comes up. (And I have reported it to Apple several times!)

I cannot say that I am overly surprised. I kind of sensed it coming. I was on a rather large naming session with the photos. I am guessing I had tagged close to 150-200 photos before the crash happened the first time. The reason I say I sensed it coming is that on the last few pictures, I noticed a drastic slow-down in how quickly the faces were coming up. Then finally on one picture, the application just exited.

iPhoto error when clicking on Faces causing an iPhoto 09 crash
Now I was stuck with a partially working iPhoto ’09 application where the one feature that got me starting to use it was not working. I had to solve the problem.

First step, the token iPhoto library rebuild. Exit the application, start it up while holding down the open apple and the option keys. Select all options and rebuild.

No luck, faces still crashed. I made sure to send the error report into Apple. Still I wondered, if iPhoto was opening too many file handles without saving or closing them.

I then after finding some search results in Google decided to look inside the iPhoto package for a couple of files that were possibly corrupted, the face.db face_blob.db and files. I exited the iPhoto ’09 application, moved those two presumably database files to the trash and started iPhoto all over again.

The good news? Faces worked again.

The bad news? All of my name tagging was gone. Time to start over again, this time 10-15 photos at a time before committing the saves. But, that means 2-3 hours of tagging by the way side. At least it will work again.

If you run into the same issue, hopefully this works for you!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the fix. Worked GREAT.

Teresa said...

For remediating my iphoto face recognition this worked great! Rebuilding the iphoto library first, and then deleting the two files face.db and face_blog.db solved everything. Thanks so much for the shared information.

Anonymous said...

where di you find these files?