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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The iPhoto '09 iDisaster

My iLife '09 CD arrived a few days ago as I had eagerly been anticipating. More on that later, but I was really looking forward to using iPhoto '09 and the new super cool Faces feature on it. I was even willing to consider it as my replacement for Google's Picasa3 software if it worked out.

However, before I got started with iPhoto '09, I realized that I was facing a serious issue. First off, it was I going to use the library function -- I needed to import the photos into the iPhoto '09 program. There was an option to not copy them, but it did not seem to make much sense to me to go that route. I have about 45GB of photos -- that will not fit on my Mac Mini hard drive. And lastly, I still wanted to share the photos on my Microsoft Windows Vista machines -- so Ashley could still review the photos from her machine.

I decided that the best option for me was to centralize the iPhoto '09 library on my Galaxy linux-based NAS device. I have 2TB of storage on the device, with a gigabit uplink that any of my PCs can access. A great place to store the iPhoto library, right?

That's what I thought, too.

So, I started the import of 12,000+ photos into my iPhoto '09 library. And everything was looking really good for the first 3,000 photos. But at that point and 4 hours into the import, iPhoto '09 froze up and could not access the network. The iPhoto color wheel just spun and spun. I let it spin for about 30 minutes of the application being in the "not responding" mode before I killed it.

I then rebooted the Mac Mini and it would not boot all the way. I actually had to unplug the power from the Mac Mini in order to get it to boot again.

I thought Apple was immune from these types of problems. I guess I was wrong.

Subsequently, I attempted two more imports of 12,000 photos -- neither of them completed, pretty disappointing -- apparently iPhoto '09 does not work so well with large quantities of photos over a network.

I'll be giving some smaller imports a try shortly to see if I can actually use the application I have been so excited about. Still, I am seriously disappointed so far with iPhoto '09, as Picasa3 has no issues working over the network. This classifies as what I would consider to be a "disaster."


BIll Moseley said...

Get Aperture or Bridge. iPhoto isn't made for pro-level work/volume.

Anonymous said...

You're not alone... Local iPhoto '09 Library no problem. NAS is indeed a GREAT disaster. I hope the problem will fixed...

Anonymous said...

I used a good advise from a wise man;

"Try the following: launch iPhoto with the Command+Option keys depressed and follow the instructions to rebuild the library. Select only the last option."

It opens iPhoto but it takes for me a long time, about 2 minutes, to load. But I can now acces it so thats already very helpful.

"Then go to the iPhoto preferences and under Sharing turn of all sharing options if they are on. If you have any MobileMe galleries go to the iPhoto/MMe preferences and select to check manually."

mori said...

The problem is that iPhoto is limited to 11.000 photos. I have the same problem - even after cleaning up the import does not work as expected. Switched to Aperture by now.