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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Camera is Back Home, Finally!

Gosh, it has been practically seven months.

Seven months since Ashley's car was broken into and our Digital Camera, a Canon Powershot SD800 IS and we had little hope that we would see it again. (article here)

And it has been almost six months since months since the Ventura County Sheriff's Department miraculously recovered and it's return seemed imminent.

But, after seven long months, it is finally here...

Canon Powershot SD800 IS Returned
And it is not much worse for the wear, just a few face scratches. But, boy has it been a test in persistence.

Now when I first found out in August (article here) that it had been recovered, I thought it would just be a few weeks until I received it back and could turn it around on eBay for a couple hundred dollars having replaced it with a PowerShot SD770 IS.

The case was scheduled to be completed in the beginning of September.

It was then continued until October.

And then until November.

And then, guess what? Yes, into December.

Finally the case was completed in January of 2009.

It then just took a few weeks to get the paperwork settled. Finally one day, I get a call from the detective that the camera was ready to be picked out that the property room of the East Ventura County Sheriff's Station. But, quickly I received a call back that the property room could not find the camera -- I got a little worried. But, a few hours later the phone rang and all I needed to do was place a call to the property room and setup a time to pick it up.

Today at lunch was the time I set up to pick up the camera from the station. I should up at 12:20, headed downstairs past the Ventura Couny Jail and to the property room. I could see my camera sitting there right behind the glass. I thought, "Wow, is this really was seeming just like groundhog day." The property manager handed me the camera after I signed the chain of custody document and curious, I turned it on.

It powered right up, the battery was still good. No pictures on the camera -- not sure if I had any, or if they were erased. But, I snapped a couple of pictures and it seemed to work just as I had hoped. No worse for the wear.

The oddest part is that this compact camera seems awfully large now, especially compared with my SD770 IS. Now I just need to decide if it is worth selling or keeping as a backup -- the prices on eBay are just south of $100 for a similar used camera. At that price -- I am not sure it is really worth it.

What do you think?


Marty said...

Consider donating it to the "used electronics" program at the office.