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Monday, February 02, 2009

My iLife 09 Starts Today

My iLife '09 started today. After receiving my belated iLife 09 CD that I expected to be included with my new Mac Mini, it was finally in my hands.

Frankly, the packaging was not much to look at, nor did I care. A thin, padded manila envelope that when opened revealed a simple CD sleeve and a bi-fold set of paper with instructions.

I dropped the CD into the Mac Mini...

Upgrading my Mac Mini to iLife '09 from iLife '08
I started with the upgrade process and it went surprisingly slow. Check the status below after iPhoto '08 was upgraded to iPhoto '09, still 43 minutes left. The upgrade took about an hour.

iPhoto '09 Upgrade in Progress.

And just like that, I could now start using iLife '09 after much anticipation. What's up first? iPhoto '09, I cannot want to try out the new Faces feature!