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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Photo Blog: Hawaii Day 1 - Maui Arrival

Today we started our 9 day vacation to Hawaii with an early (5:00am) wake-up and a drive to Los Angeles International airport for our 8:00 flight to Hawaii. Actually, the flight was to the island of Maui, where we are spending our first three days before heading over to Oahu for the final six.

The flight and then the 20 minute drive to the Grand Wailea Resort. We checked in and were nicely upgraded to an excellent ocean view room, based on what we had heard about the Grand Wailea and the treatment of Hilton HHonors Diamond members, it was quite a welcomed and somewhat unexpected upgrade.

Here are a few pictures from our relaxing afternoon exploring the hotel and surrounding area, before finishing off the evening at the highly regarded Humuhumunukunukuapua'a restaurant at the Grand Wailea.

The Grand Wailea is pretty spectacular inside and out not to mention historic. Here is the central atrium that greets you upon arrival.

The chapel is popular for weddings. No wonder with the design and view of this, who wouldn't want this for their wedding.

These water "features" lead down to the "adult" pool or the pool for guests over 18 years of age. There are a ton of pools at the Grand Wailea, and we spent plenty of time at them. In fact with hotel only at 25%-30% capacity (although the staff will tell you the hotel is "busy"), there is plenty of room to park it wherever you like.

A nice surprise from our room is that you can whale-watch from the balcony without needing to get on a boat. In fact, Ashley's one goal for the trip -- to see a humpback whale breach -- was met in the first hour. Perhaps the single most surprising thing for us given our difficulty even finding a whale within two miles of shore on Oahu.

Sunset view on our first night of Maui from our "deluxe" ocean view room. A great way to start off our vacation and week of relaxation here in Hawaii!


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