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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Photo Blog: Hawaii Day 2 - Snorkel / Snuba / Spa

Today Ashley and I split up for the morning session -- I headed out for a snorkeling trip while Ashley held out for the Spa at the Grand Wailea, choosing to avoid being really sea sick. It was a good thing she did, because the winds have been blowing the past couple of weeks unseasonably (a couple of folks referenced La Nina) and today was no different. It was a little windy and rough out there, so it was a good thing Ashley did not come along.

After the excursion, we met up to hang out at the pool before checking out the lava flows and La Perouse Bay. Finally we headed up to Lahaina to eat at Lelani's.

Here are a few pictures from the day.

A windy and early morning in the Maalea Harbor where the Maui Magic snorkeling ship docks.

Cruising out to our spots for snorkeling...although the conditions are a little windy and blustery (according to the captain).

With windy conditions and lower snorkeling visibility, I decided to try out Snuba...basically a combo of snorkeling and scuba. You get a regulator and a 20-foot hose. Plus I could test out my Digipac-410 casing for my Canon Powershot to take underwater photos.

A shot of fellow snuba people heading down to the floor, about 18 feet. Using my Powershot through the soft-case DigiPac-410 to capture some shots.

Always great to see sea-turtles or the Honu as they are called here.

Just another shot of the underwater sea-scape...I am pretty happy with the performance of the DigiPac, especially for only $25.

A look towards the Grand Wailea from the boat.

It's really windy and rough on the way back in..this picture doesn't quite capture it as well as I had hoped.

If only the cars were not in the background...still a great shot in the midst of the lava fields.

Ashley and I at the shore in La Perouse Bay.

Love these lava formations -- jagged, colorful and porous. Almost makes you feel like you are on a different planet and only 10 minutes from the hotel!