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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Photo Blog: Hawaii Day 6 - The North Shore

Today with a touch of good weather and the first day with a rental car from Hertz -- we loaded up the convertible Ford Mustang and headed to the North Shore. We had heard that with the trade winds blowing, the waves were pretty big -- not "The QuickSilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau" Big Wave competition big, but still pretty good size.

We made the trek through your standard run of breaks...Waimea Bay, Banzai Pipeline, before stopping at Sunset Beach to hang out for awhile. The waves were decent size, but smaller than a few days earlier at Honolua Bay on Maui -- but still entertaining.

We hung out for a few hours before making our traditional run to Matsumoto's shaved ice for a delightful treat before heading back to Waikiki to relax and then head into town to have dinner.

Here are a few pictures from the day...

The surf at Sunset Beach as one of the 20 our so surfers catches a wave.

The classic view of Sunset Beach on the North Shore of the Island of Hawaii.

Catching Ashley in front of the waves here at Sunset Beach.

Evan joined us today and took a couple of the great photos below. I am entirely jealous of her Canon EOS 50D camera, it's awesome. Still, she is jealous of my Canon L lenses. :-)

Some paddle surfers heading out on the North Shore. This sport is insanely popular since the last time we were here. In fact, Kate Hudson just had a photo snapped of her in Malibu on one of these in People Magazine. Still, these guys were heading out for a cruise rather than any wave riding activities.

Evan takes a picture of me searching for the right shot(s).

Don't want to break your neck on the beach. I love the picture here of someone landing on their head.

Another great photo from Evan as Ashley and I made our way down the beach. One of my favorites from this trip.

Back at the hotel from our North Shore adventure...this is Waikiki...this is Hawaii...this is vacation.

Our first "real" sunset. Provided some time to take a few photos -- but better yet enjoy the end to a magnificent day on the island of Oahu.