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Friday, March 06, 2009

Photo Blog: Hawaii Day 7 - Surfing and Windward

Today I took my second shot at surfing. Rather than going to another class or trying another soft surfboard, I went for a regular long board -- a 9' 6". In addition, rather than finding an different beach -- I went our right off the Hilton Hawaiian Village right at the edge of Waikiki.

I learned quickly that even though the protected area of the Hilton's beach was relatively deep at 6-7 feet, in general Waikiki was not. The break that I decided to go out to was only about 3-4 feet deep in the a few places with a mix of coral and sand. On a couple of occasions I found some of that coral. Luckily it was just a couple of scrapes on my feet and toes -- getting on an off the surfboard rather than taking any bad falls -- and no major damage. Still, I cannot say that as of yet I am a huge fan of reef surfing.

Even with that, the surfing in the morning was a mild success with my catching a few waves and getting up. Definitely not with the frequency or stability that I had a couple of days earlier, but progress none-the-less -- and actually on a real board.

After our morning surf session (Evan joined me while Ashley hung out at the beach), we headed down for our required Cheesecake Factory Honolulu / Waikiki visit for lunch which was a enjoyable as usual. After that, Ashley and I just headed around the south side of the island and over to the windward side -- which consistent with the past week was really windy.

We then finished up the evening with the Hilton Hawaiian Village's free show, King's Jubilee and free fireworks before heading over to Benihana within the village.

Here are a few pictures from the day...

Evan and I paddle out to the break about 1/4 mile offshore from the Hilton Hawaiian Village to surf.

Coming back into shore after our hour and a half out surfing. A relatively successful second surf day.

The view from the windward side of Oahu, from Waimanalo Beach park -- one of our favorite spots.

Ashley hanging out by the shore in the wind at Waimanalo Beach.

Hmm, bad surf and Man 'O Wars. I don't think I am going to venture out in that today.

A kite surfer in Kailua gets airborne. The 20-30 mph gusts made from some pretty awesome aerobatics that we could watch from the shore.

Start of the King's Jubilee at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, the free Friday night show.

My favorite part of the show, the fire dancer / juggler. His performance was about 10 minutes of pure watching enjoyment.

The fireworks amongst the palm trees over the ocean right next to the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki.

Ending our night at Benihana where we had one of the most clever and humorous chefs that we've had. "Japanese Ketchup" for Soy Sauce among 10 other one-liners provided great entertainment.


Raju Vusirikala said...

Good to read about your surfing adventure..