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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to Download Telenav GPS Navigator for Blackberry

Every since I picked up my Blackberry 8800, I have enjoyed and enabled the TeleNav GPS Navigator at it's $9.99 or so per month fee. Not only was it with me all the time, but it saved a ton of cash since I find myself in Hertz vehicles at least 4 days a month with the $9.95 per day price tag.

Having become dependent on the TeleNav GPS Navigator, you could imagine my surprise when it was not included on my new Blackberry Bold 9000 Series. Checking the Blackberry App Store, I noticed it was not included there.

I figured I could just browse to the TeleNav website and that would make it easy. After about 4-5 minutes of searching for an easy download link -- I really started to wonder, "How do you download TeleNav GPS Navigator for Blackberry?" Specifically a download that would work with Cingular / AT&T.

So, I then turned to Google and after a couple of minutes I came to forum page which had a link to the direct file where you can download the file. Hopefully, in order to save you some time -- I figured I would publish this link in order to make everyone's life easy, so here it is:

All you need to go to is the Internet Browser, or the AT&T MediaNet Browser, enter the address and you can easily download the TeleNav application...

For other providers, here are some additional links:
Sprint / Nextel:




T-Mobile Blackberry 8100:

Once I hit the link, I was able to download and install the application easily! Even better, I noticed a new upgrade to the TeleNav GPS Navigator version 5.5.31 -- which has a new UI, here are a couple of screen shots:

How to download TeleNav GPS Navigator for Blackberry - Installed on Blackberry

How to download TeleNav GPS Navigator for Blackberry - New Interface on version 5.5


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU so much for posting this. I'm not sure why Telenav makes it so hard to figure this out.

I followed your link and it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much appreciated. The power of the peaople is greater than the machine.