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Saturday, July 11, 2009

How to Download Purchase from iTunes Again

Have you...

Lost the music you purchased from iTunes?

Had your computer crash and you lost all your iTunes Music and Videos?

Lost your iPhone or iPod Touch apps?

Wanted to redownload your iTunes music?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this is the article for you. I recently somehow misplaced a number of the purchases from my iTunes account on my switch between Windows XP, MacOS X, and a couple of iTunes reinstalls due to crashes.

I was looking to recover the downloads, but when I logged into my iTunes account, there was no way to do so. And some of the articles and information I found didn't make it look good. And according to Apple's website, a purchase of an item only entitles you to a single download of the content.

Here is the snippet:

Buying a song, video, iPod Game, or album from the iTunes Store entitles you to download it a single time. If you want to download it again, you must purchase it again. You can copy downloaded content between authorized computers.

Important: Make a backup of the content you purchase. In case of data loss, including hard drive failure or replacement, accidental deletion, and so forth, you'll be able to restore it from the backup. See "How to back up your media in iTunes" for instructions.

After reading this, you might think that you're out of luck if you lose any of your iTunes music, songs, videos, games, or albums. However, there is a way that you can go about downloading all the content if you follow the instructions below:

First, browse to Apple's support website. Choose "Purchase(s) - Missing" and then choose "My hard drive crashed / all of my purchases were erased"...also, I would recommend entering in some very friendly text like the below will be helpful.

My hard drive crashed without a current backup and I lost all of my previous purchases. Could you please enable my account to re-download? I will make sure to take a backup this time. :-)

How to re-download music, songs, videos, games, and albums from itunes if lostHere's my support incident.

Now all you need to do is wait a day or so until Apple Support gets back to you and lets you know that they've done a one-time favor for you and re-enabled all the download for your account. Good news, you're in business.

Go to you iTunes and if you're like me, you'll see the screen below enabling you to re-download all of your music once again!

Download all of your iTunes purchases again.

In just a few minutes all of your music, songs, videos, games, and albums will be re-downloaded, so you did not lose anything. Just make sure you make a backup this time. :-)


Denise said...

Hey Ken-could you post a link to the support page? I am having trouble finding it...
Thanks in advance!

Ken Hanscom said...

Hey you go:

From there, choose Music Purchases, Lost or Missing Items. Then there should be an email us link on the left to get you going again.


lofish72 said...

Thanks!!!!! It worked! I couldn't get all of them but they let me download most of them. Good enough for me. ^_^

Thanks for the tip!

UK Game Players said...

Great tip, thanks for that.
However.....the MAJOR question here is this:

WHY having purchased an item from itunes, why CANT You download it more than once. Your account is locked to the phone you purchased, its not as if you are illegally downloading, YOU have PAID for it.

Its very very annoying and childish that Apple are so controlling, its a throwback to the middle ages and is quite un-necessary. I personally do NOT like being dictated to like this.