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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

P2K Commander V6 (6.0.0) is Available!

The latest full version release of P2K Commander, 6.0.0 also known as V6 is now available for download. Although, honestly...I am not entirely sure what it means. We know the focus for P2K Commander V5 (5.0.0) was on the P2K over USBLAN with associated features enabling it to be a full featured communication profile. But with P2K Commander V6 (6.0.0), the changes are not readily apparent.

First, I checked out both the ChangeLog.txt and the Whatsnew.txt file to see if there were any documented changes. Unfortunately, there were not any documented changes with the files for V6.

Next, I proceed to load up the application to see if there were any noticable changes. I checked the main screen, the options and all of the commands in the menu bar, but still could not find and new features or changes to the P2K Commander Application. Even checking the about section, I noticed that both the verison name and the build date were updated so minimally it is a new build.

Here is a screen shot of the new version:
P2K Commander V6 (6.0.0) is Available -- Screen Shot from P2K Commander V6

The good news is that my phone still connects with ease to P2K Commander V6 and it appears to have all the functionality working properly.

This leads me to the following conclusions; and either one of them is the case.

1. P2K Commander V6 is a minor update to the V5 releases and has some bug, performance, and stability fixes.

2. With the P2K over USBLAN feature completely built out in version 5.1.0; the P2K Commander developers may have made the decision to simply consider it a complete version upgrade and repackaaged it as V6, version 6.0.0.

In either case, if you're looking to download P2K Commander V6, you can get it directly from this link:

Otherwise, please visit this page for all versions of P2K Commander as well as any updates that may have occurred since this post:


Ant said...

This one doesn't come with PK drivers. :(

buzz said...

Thank you!! Was able to recover photos from my old Razr that I that were lost forever. Windows 7 with P2k Tuning set to Slow....worked like a charm.