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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How To: Reset Video Settings on Sony Playstation 3 (PS3)

I had an interesting problem that I needed to solve. With my primary Sony Playstation 3 being broken (learn more here), I wanted to move my PS3 from upstairs down to the main home theater so I could still watch movies and playing games.

I thought it would be really easy. Just unplug the Playstation 3 upstairs, bring it downstairs and plug it in. Everything would work, no problems. I brought it down, plugged it in and guess what? No video or sound.


The Sony Playstation 3 does not have an "automatic" detect when you change the type of video connection. In my case, my Vizio LCD HDTV upstairs used an HDMI connection and my Sony Projection HDTV downstairs still used the component / d-terminal video and optical audio output. So, I could not get any video or audio.

I tried first changing the settings upstairs while connected to the HDMI to the component output, but I could not get it to save. Seemingly, Sony's PS3 was trying to protect me from myself by not allowing me to configure an unsupported video mode. If only they knew what I was trying to accomplished.

Was I stuck?

After some searching, I found a technique that your can use in order to reset the video (and audio in my case) settings on your PS3. Presumably it resets all of the "connections" on your PS3.

Here's how you perform the video / audio format and settings reset:

With your Playstation 3 turned off, do the following: Hold power button down for two beeps and then release. This function will reset video and audio to auto-detect and lowest settings.

I tried this out and it worked great for PS3 was working with both audio and video immediately. The good news is that you can use this for any video and audio modes you are changing between including HDMI, Component, D-Terminal, Composite, S-Video, AV MULTI, and SCART.

Good luck, let me know with a comment if this technique works for you!


Anonymous said...

Worked perfect for me. Thanks a million!