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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blackberry: The RIM handheld USB drivers are unable to suspend at this time

It's like a blast from the past with my Blackberry Bold 9000 handheld from RIM. What is it you ask? When I attemtped to close my laptop computer and put it into a "sleep" mode, I got the following messsage:

"The RIM handheld USB drivers are unable to suspend at this time."

The funny thing, it is not 2005 anymore -- when is the last time I can find on Google where anyone experienced this particutlar issue with trying to suspend or put their computer to sleep. Yep, you read that correctly, 2005! Not only that by this wasn't on Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows was on a "fairly recent" Windows XP machine. Ok, maybe a little outdated we're two versions behind with Windows 7 being released and Windows Vista before that.

Still, a pretty big surprise.

How and why does it happen?

I am not sure why yet or how to solve the problem, but I can tell you it has happened three times in the past few days. And, I have a pretty good idea on what happened to cause it.

In an effort to improved the terrible performance on the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and the AT&T 3G network, I decided to check and see what updates were available -- both for the Blackberry Desktop Manager and the base handheld software / firmware.

As luck would have it, updates were available for both. The Blackberry Desktop v4.5 software I was running had been updated with version 5.0.1. And the Blackberry Bold Software had an update available to the handheld software. I was most excited about the handheld upgrade to version 4.6 build 297 -- hoping the woeful batter life, random reboots I would experience, and poor 3G coverage would cease.

I went ahead and installed both of the updates and everything seemed fine. Actually, the Blackberry Bold device software has done wonders for my system by upgrading to 4.6 build 297. My service is quite a bit better -- although I am still plagued by a 1/2 mile stretch in Malibu with no signal (how can this been in 2009?). Other than that, the spurious reboots are gone and overall the device seems a lot more stable -- not as stable as an iPhone, but pretty good for a Blackberry.

And then, as mentioned above -- I have started to get the message below when trying to suspend my IBM, err...Lenovo ThinkPad T61:

"The RIM handheld USB drivers are unable to suspend at this time."

How does it happen? Well, in my case the Blackberry is "connected" to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and Microsoft Outlook / Exchange via a USB cable and not just plugged in. My Lenovo ThinkPad T61 is in the docking station and I go ahead and shut the computer to force it to enter the sleep / suspend mode. However, I get a Windows alert that says:

"The RIM handheld USB drivers are unable to suspend at this time."

With the notebook desktop opened back up, I unplug the Blackberry Bold 9000 from the computer and re-attempt the suspend mode by closing the laptop. The laptop suspends cleanly and goes into the sleep mode.

I did some Google searching and all I could find was a reference to an posting back in 2005 that had to do with USB conflicts. (link here) Given the age of, as well as the description of the issue with Windows 2000, still unanswered -- it clearly does not apply to the situation here.

Has anyone else encountered this error with Blackberry Desktop Software v5.0 or v5.0.1 and have a solution to recommend? If so, please let me know with a comment!


Steven Berkovitz said...

As a workaround, if you don't require desktop mananger (ie: you're a BES user), you can use the Application Loader to upgrade the device. You do not need to have desktop manager installed.

After installing the firmware package, run loader.exe from "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\" (x86) or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader" (x64)

Ken Hanscom said...

Hi Steven. Thanks for the workaround solution. While I am a BES user, I do prefer several of the functions of the Desktop Manager so I will want to leave it installed instead of just using the update manager.

Still looking for a solution or a reason why. For now, will just need to pay close attention to the issue and make sure I do not leave my laptop on when I place it in my laptop backpack!