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Friday, December 25, 2009

Blogger Editor Broken: Add Photo Icon Missing from Updated Editor

It appears that Blogger's new updated Editor is broken. Broken to the point where it is not usable, at least for me. While it looks "neat" and is a little more functional than the older version, it appears to be missing a key component, the links and icons for upload pictures, videos, and more.

As far as I can tell, there is no way to fix the problem and it is not supposed to be that way, according to the post on Google's Blogger Help.

Google / Blogger's new editor is supposed to be fully functional with more features. I find it to be ocurring with less

But, that's what I am not experiencing. Rather, my new "enhanced and update" Blogger Post Composer and Editor is missing all but the most basic editing options. Yes, it is enhanced and more usable, but unfortunately not functional.

Blogger's updated editor for post creation and editing is missing key icons like adding photos, videos, and more

At first, I thought it had to be just a configuration issue. There had to be a seating on the page, through another menu or somewhere that would aid in resolving the situation. After searching around the application I could find no menu bar options to add the additional icons and functionality. That left me with only one option, to revert.

With the broken updated editor, your only choice is to revert to the previous old editor by going to the settings and basic tab

In order to revert, all you need to do is click on 'Settings' and on the basic tab at the bottom there is a section called Global Settings where you can select your Post Editor. Simply click on the radio button for the Old Editor and you are back in business where you can upload photos, videos and more.

Back to the old Blogger Post Editor, not pretty, but it still works

In the end, it is a pretty big bummer. What attracted me to the new updated Blogger editor is the new Amazon widget that they published. Rather than having to switch between the Amazon Associates website for their Affiliates program, it integrates right into a widget on the right hand side where you can search, link, embed with much greater ease. In fact, if you even highlight text in your posting editor it automatically fills in the search -- making the process much more efficient.

For now, it looks like I will have to upload pictures, screenshots, and other items with one editor and then switch the settings back to use the new Amazon functionality. That's a real downer.

Does anyone know how to either fix the issue or if Blogger is working on the fix?


Eva said...

This is WAY after the fact, so I may be too late to offer a suggestion, but I just had this difficulty with my new blog and did a bunch of searching without finding ANY help whatsoever.

Then I happened accidentally upon what appears to be the solution for me. So I had to come back and share.

Click on the "Updated Editor" in Global Settings/Select post editor. Then when you are posting or editing a post, click on the "Compose" tab. Nope, that's NOT the one automatically selected... the limited editor icons view you and I both discovered are actually showing in the "Edit HTML" tab instead of where most of us type our entries -- in the Compose Tab.

Hopefully this makes sense and helps. If not, feel free to ask me.